What Can Russia Give To The World?

laitman_434Question: What Can Russia Give To The World?

Answer: Russia can give the world what no other nation can give. After all, in the making of this country and in its continuing historical development, a very interesting phenomenon has happened: the people prefer union and connection more than a comfortable life.

It is not important how this was realized, the people carried within themselves a tendency to yearn for something unified, oneness, but not according to “mine” but according to “ours,” which in fact doesn’t exist beyond its borders where individuality is valued and respected. In Russia this did not take root.

The idea is that here people don’t aspire to be capitalists. There are individuals who develop their own business, succeed, and get along this way by trying to imitate examples from the west. But this is just a few thousand people, and all the rest of the people, 130 million, are completely different, they have no inclination or serious commercial talent; this doesn’t attract them.

But generally these are unique people; with them it is truly possible to go toward the victory of unity throughout the entire world, just by giving them the right direction. The people in themselves are unique because their attraction to unity is derived from within them. I think that they will grasp this and choose the method of unification at least as a rehabilitation of society.

Question: What must the influence of Russia on the world be?

Answer: It is possible to influence the world only through a positive example, not in any other way: not through inflexibility, not by arms, only through example. Since the whole world is entering a tailspin in the world crisis and the world doesn’t know what to do with itself, only a nation that will show that it is successful in finding a solution in combating the crisis and continuing to prosper can become an example for everyone.

But it will not be through the amount of GDP per capita, but through happiness, balance, and reduction in the need for drugs, alcohol, etc. A nation like this can show the world how to be in union with one another with a society that is constructed correctly, where everything is mutual and everyone receives immense satisfaction from life on another level, with complete concern about the future generation.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 6/10/15

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