An Encounter With The “European Spring”!

Laitman_727Opinion (Jean-Paul Mounier, Boulevard Voltaire): “The situation regarding the Greek debt is the underwater part of the iceberg. The real economy has been robbed by the virtual economy which the financial economy has taken advantage of with great talent…

“The real world economy is 73 trillion Euro, but this is only 2% of the global economy and 98% of it doesn’t produce anything except financial crises. In other words, there are two economies: one that is based on work and labor and another that is artificial.

“When you spend real money on shares it becomes part of the information system, and if the financial mafia decides to rob you, it will only have to give an order and your money will evaporate without leaving a trace. It will, however, appear in the pockets of those who scheme on that end of the global economy.

“What is the purpose of all these strategies? To increase the debt of different nations so that it will be easier to manage them and build a new tower of Babel: masses that have one language and one digital coin. This is the utopia of the global government in which leaders will be like those chosen by God! Therefore if Greece doesn’t obey their commands, a ‘European Spring’ will begin in Spain, Italy and France.”

My Comment: Nature’s laws lead mankind to unite under the pressure of sufferings. Nature (the Creator) manages us by its laws, not the strong European states. The only thing we can do is to yearn for unity ourselves (the wisdom of Kabbalah tells us how to do it). Otherwise, nature will force us to unite under pressure up to sufferings, crises, and actual wars.

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