Today’s Economy Is 90% Air

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Nikolay P. Shmelyov, Russian economist, director of The Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences): “On the one hand, it is not a crisis, but the completion of the next economic cycle. On the other – everything in the world has changed. And you have to think differently.

“In fact, 90% of the economic exchange in the world is air and paper. Everything real is 10%. I don’t know how to deal with it. It cannot be called even a bubble, rather a monster. Playing on high margin is a favorite Russian occupation, and a Western style is to sell with little margin, but with high turnover.”

My Comment: That’s right, we need to get rid of this 90% or more of empty economic turnover to come in balance with nature. The 90% of unnecessary workers should be sent to the system of integral education and upbringing. Then, after some time, it will be possible to ensure that all members of the global community are equally provided with everything necessary and sufficient for rational existence. People will receive fulfillment by revealing higher existence in their unity.

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