The Creator On Trial

Laitman_182_02Comment: If I could reach your Creator, I would want Him to account for all of history!

Response: Generally, I agree with you. And even the Creator Himself is not against people turning toward Him, even with their accusations. Because otherwise they do not turn!

Everyone in the world complains about his life. Understandably, everyone is right about something or even about everything. After all, it is not the person who places himself in all kinds of situations and unpleasantness; it is his nature, his lack of understanding, his lack of foresight, the unpredictability of the world. So in what way can we come to anyone with complaints?

If we look at his fate, at his behavior, we discover that each one of us is born, lives, and dies not according to his desire. Even our actions are determined according to circumstances and characteristics that are established in us from the start and not according to our desire. So a person is not free in regard to anything.  If so, there is no one to complain to!

But the originator of all that is happening, who created  everything, is ready to hold him. He is also ready for us to arraign Him. Because during the trial of the Creator, with all of our claims and accusations, we learn His attitude toward us, the reason that He made us is so small who are punished by nature. We discover the goal of our creation and our destiny. We will understand why we were born, live and die in suffering.

Ultimately we will begin to understand that all of our claims are toward our Creator, and it is specifically Him that we want to bring to court!

It is precisely the wisdom of Kabbalah that clarifies the problem of the mutual relationship between a person and the Creator. Therefore, it is the most important science in the world because a person has nothing more important than clarifying these relationships. In nature, there is nothing more than this!

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