The Main Thing Is To Not Forget Him!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If I imagine that the Creator is behind of everything that is happening to me, will I always be angry at Him. Before I used to be angry at the people surrounding me, blaming them for all my problems. If there is none else besides the Creator, will I have to hate Him now?

Answer: Don’t worry, this is normal. It doesn’t matter what your attitude towards the Creator is. The main thing is to keep thinking of Him all the time. Do not forget Him! It doesn’t matter how you relate to Him, whether good or bad. The main thing is to think about Him all the time.

The Creator wants a person to be connected to Him. He wants the person to be the one who is looking for this connection, not the Creator looking for him. The person should see one Creator in everything, as the One who is good and does good. These are the two parameters, the two properties, through which one can sense the Creator.

Around me, there is just the Creator, while the entire world is His external manifestation as though these are actors who move on the stage according to the director’s idea.
From KabTV’s “A New Life”  2/5/2015

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