Why Did The Creator Make The Evil Inclination?

laitman_207Question: How could the Creator, who is completely good, and doeth good, create the evil inclination that doesn’t bear His property? Why did He do it? Why aren’t we born to a world that is full of benevolence?

Answer: If we were born in a completely wonderful world, we would be like angels who have no evil inclination. That is, we would exist only in accordance with one singular force.

However, the purpose of the creation is to attain the Creator’s level, get smarter, perceive, and reach the same state as His, acquire similar power and parallel properties with the Creator, i.e., become totally like Him.

To achieve this level, we just have to bear the properties that are opposite to the Creator. However, we also should possess the qualities that are similar to His, i.e., we should be comprised of two parts. One part is the evil inclination, the properties that are adverse to the Creator, with which we are born to this world.

Whereas, the second part, the Creator’s qualities, should be acquired by us, on our own. This is how we are supposed to “build” ourselves by involving both parts more vigorously, thus becoming more and more like the Creator.

The process of achieving His level consists of 125 degrees. It continues until we reach the state called “The sons of the Creator returned to Him.” It happens when we reach equivalence of properties with the Creator. For that, we need to be comprised of two opposite parts.

Therefore, the Creator made the evil inclination, a selfish desire. However, He is the One who grants us benevolent desires when we ask Him. These two forces allow us to reach perfection.

Question: But how can I obtain properties that I know nothing about?

Answer: To make it happen you have to join a group that works on the same task. You should engage in it. You won’t be able to do it alone, on your own. Group connection elicits the Returning Light, and thus receive a second, positive force of nature that balances out the negativity in each of us.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 5/17/15

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  1. I was wondering if the reason for the creation. of evil was that Adam at the time of his creation was only a created image. I was also wondering if the reason that original Adam shattered
    was that Adam’s vessal could not yet bear the creator’s light as a mere image. Adam as an image had not yet attained a soul which would be necessary for vessel to hold or bear the creator’s essance and or the creator’s light. Therfore Adam shattered in all his parts needs to attain a soul and achieve the upper world so he can be filled with the creator’s light which would allow creator to dwell within him in equivalence of form. Without evil there would be no way for a adam to develop his soul obtain wisdom and understand the good and acheive a unified soul capable of holding the creators light

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