How Do We Obligate People To Face The Facts?

laitman_283_01In the News (psyfactor): “300 years ago, at the dawn of the Age of Enlightenment, European philosophers naively believed that the human intellect would soon dispel the ‘darkness of prejudice’ since all the false opinions and views are in sum the result of illiteracy and ignorance of scientific facts.

“It would be enough to ‘educate’ people about the truth so that they would reject the former prejudices and begin to behave according to the claims of reason. This optimism collapsed at the beginning of the 20th century. We know that the development of science does not transform human society into being more rational, and that in parallel with the growth of knowledge, the amount of wild myths also increases.

“Modern people ignore facts if they are against their personal opinions and views. And attempts to change the false opinions and views of people arouse the opposite effect, the reinforcement of prejudices. Only if one recognizes the fact that one must add to a person’s pride about himself, increasing his personal assessment, will he recognize the truth of the facts and change his opinion.”

My Comment: Man is a desire to receive and to have pleasure. When we play with this desire, leaving him the possibility of filling himself with pride, and in the case of loss, we can change his opinions and views. We only need to direct him towards fulfillment of pride about himself, elevating his self-esteem, and he will move on to this option, and it will no longer make a difference what other facts I have.

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