The Epoch Of Irrationality

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Previously it was considered that the economy was driven by “rational egoism.” Later, this model was proven wrong. It turned out that man is irrational and represents an unknown dimension in the science of economics.

Answer: Namely this specific “human element” that cannot be measured prevents economics from being a precise science. We cannot weigh, classify, and sort it according to specific criterion.

In the future, this element will bring us a multitude of problems. It will invalidate even simple mechanical calculations since we perceive mechanics in our mind and desires as well. It does not exist on its own. Suddenly, one plus one will not equal two. You would think, how can that be? After all, it is just a machine that operates according to precise laws. Still, calculations will not correspond to reality.

Why is that? It is because I have changed internally, and I now discover that I can no longer continue making calculations according to the usual Newtonian mechanics or Einstein’s theory. As a life example, recently, scientists have discovered that micro particles move faster than the speed of light. In this same way, not only will the economy fall victim to the human element, but so will disciplines that at first sight have nothing to do with our inner world.

Axioms will suddenly lose their immutability. This is because we reveal the world within the qualities of our own nature, and when it changes, the world changes with it.

We will make a familiar calculation one more time, and it will suddenly fail to correspond to the facts. A car engine will not live up to its horse power. Actual matter will suddenly lose its innate qualities.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/2/2011, Shamati #219

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