The Entire World Inside A Drop Of Reshimo

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Man’s inner changes depend on the Reshimo (the informational gene). Is it what the new economics must take into consideration?

Answer: The Reshimo is a complete image of the entire reality that has not yet been revealed to us. Naturally, everything is contained in it, and as it becomes revealed, I begin to feel with increasing intensity as if I exist in a new world and in new conditions. However, “new conditions” primarily refer to new forces and formulas. The connection changes between the Direct and the Reflected Lights, between two vessels: an internal and an external one, as well as the screen between them.

Question: Manuel Castells, a famous sociologist, believes that we have lost control over the network of interconnections we ourselves have created, and now there is nothing else left for us to do but sit and hope for the best. Scientists lack the parameters that define inner changes in people. Is it possible to find this parameter and use it to predict what people will be like at the next stage?

Answer: Of course it is. We diffuse uncertainty with the strength of our unity. We can make more precise calculations when we advance in quality instead of quantity. Our Gematria calculations become increasingly more detailed, complicated, and reliable until we reveal the entire reality and build an ideal economy.

We complete one another in this kind of economic system, and every person, being in his place, receives absolute fulfillment as well as fulfills others. Such is the ideal system where everyone is balanced like cells of one body. The formula that describes this system is Malchut of the world of Infinity, the principle of love thy neighbor as thyself. Every person gives everything he can, helps everyone else in every way possible, and receives according to his needs from everyone else with love.

Question: This means that the macro factors of the system as a whole come to the fore in the new economy and not the relations between people?

Answer: The general picture is already becoming clear, but its individual traits are not yet apparent. Naturally, the relations between people pose a problem on the way towards the goal during the period of correction. I think it is here that people need to be stimulated. If previously monetary gain was the stimulus, now a new criterion of advancement needs to be found. We should award people, honor them publicly, make children proud to have such wonderful parents, and so on.

Question: Does this mean that the measure of success will be honor and social respect instead of money?

Answer: It is hard to say. There is a possibility of a very severe crisis that will force us to build the entire society from scratch. Then there will be no other choice but to give people a certain amount per month in order to support the necessary production in the conditions of a broken industry.

Essentially, this will not be as much of a crisis as a renewal, a bloodless transition. But people really need to be shaken up in order to feel themselves in danger and to be able to change their view of things, make a switch, agree to new frameworks, and enter a new life.

Naturally, there will be a discussion before this happens. First of all, we need to prove that this is necessary and inevitable, that we won’t be able to live as before, that the universal tendency has become clear, and that the entire problem lies in the actual transition into the new state. People will gather from both ends of the economic scale towards a certain middle ground one little step at a time, according to a select program. Nevertheless, it is the  economy that reveals the details to us today, which are closest to the inner network of our interconnection.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/2/2011, Shamati #219

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