Billionaires Fear Starvation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it really necessary to have a very strong blow to change people’s perception and their view of economy and “fair distribution”?

Answer: The blow does not necessarily need to be as devastating as a war; it can be a collapse of the stock exchange or something like that. When a serious economic problem happens, it does more than remove the “extra layer of fat” from the very rich. For them it will appear as the disappearance of several zeroes from their bank account, but for a little person it is the number of pieces of bread on their table. This is why economic problems hit all and make everyone more sensitive.

However, it is not easy at all for a capitalist to lose his billions. After all, economy is not just numbers—it is a sphere of feelings. Let’s say I had forty billion, and now twenty remain, but I already fear for my bread! I will fear that I will have nothing to eat tomorrow.

You would think, what do I have to be afraid of when I have twenty billion in the bank, when others do not even have twenty dollars? But this doesn’t matter; a person starts panicking. He doesn’t feel that he has lost twenty billion and that he has another twenty left. Fear that he will be completely poor tomorrow takes over him.

This is why everyone panics in the face of economic problems. And then it can be explained to everyone, without exception, what is happening.

Obviously, it is not enough to simply provide a normal standard of living for everyone by giving them money to get them to calm down. All of this has to go hand in hand with education. But people will only agree to be educated once they are hit a little. When things are still all right with them, and there is soccer on the weekends, a wedding to attend tomorrow, and a vacation the following week, people will say that they don’t need any education.

There are people who do not need more than a little bit of bread and fruit and to spend the weekend with their family on the beach. People are happy leading their simple lives. This is why blows will be necessary to make them listen a little. Then it will be possible to start educating.

But the key is to create a system of explanation that will clarify the way all systems operate. We need to explain that nature has a program and we do not have a choice, and we need to provide the necessary knowledge about evolution, economics, and human nature. This is the very first part that needs to be realized.

The second part is the creation of an education system that teaches how we can correct and cultivate new relationships in society and connect with each other. In other words, the process is divided into two parts: enlightenment (acquiring knowledge about the new world) and education (teaching about living in it). And after that we move on to practical realization, specific actions.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/2/2011, Shamati #219

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  1. Some sort of educational program needs to exist for this, because it doesn’t exist. Who holds people responsible for their intentions and actions and for not caring about the world? No one. And, if any person on any city street were asked, at random, if they sat around and thought about how to treat others better or if anyone had actually told them to not be selfish and how to do it. They will most likely say outside of their everyday activities they don’t ponder human interactions or themselves and how to treat others better. And they’ll also most likely say they’ve never had someone sit down and tell them how to treat others better or how to think about them. It’s not a criticism of anyone out there, just the reality of the situation when it comes down to it. An educational outreach to everyone needs to exist in some form or other.

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