Who Is The Creator?

laitman_742_03Question: Who is the Creator?

Answer: The Creator is the upper force that holds within it the entire system of creation that manages and nourishes it, just like the life force nourishes our physical body.

Our physical body is comprised of different cells and organs that are connected to each other in a completely mutual manner.  A kind of enlivening force flows through them, which is called life, and if this force disappears the body dies.

The same life force fills all of nature and is called “Boreh” (the Creator). It not only instills life in nature but also directs, creates, remodels, continuously changes creation, and perfects it; in this way it leads it to a particular target, which was predetermined by this same force.

Question: What is creation?

Answer: Creation is the desire to enjoy, which exists in each one of us in inanimate, vegetative, animate, and speaking forms. This desire is the entire material of creation, and all that animates it is called “Boreh” or the force of creation.”Thus, everything that exists is comprised of only two attributes, the desire to receive and the force that gives life to this desire and maintains a certain level.

Question: Where does this force go when it leaves a person?

Answer: It either increases or decreases. If it decreases, then it falls from the level of speaking or animate to the levels of vegetative, and then the person will die. And after that, the vegetative level dies and then only the inanimate level remains, which gradually turns to dust.

Question: So it follows that the force of the Creator enters matter, ties it together, and enlivens it. Then what determines that it suddenly disappears?

Answer: There are many reasons for this. This is a complete system, but by disappearing from one matter, it creates the other, because energy does not disappear but disintegrates into its constituent parts.

Question: Does this mean that the material cannot exist without the life force?

Answer: The life force is the primary force. It created the matter, gave it life, and transfers to it all the changes until the final state. In order to make the matter “clothe” in the attributes of the Creator, it has to acquire them and become a Kli (vessel) for their reception.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/13/16

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