Resonating With The Upper Force

laitman_232_03Question: Why does Rabash say that a person who follows the Creator’s path creates the Creator?

Answer: It is indeed very strange that a person creates the Creator, but it is actually so both externally and internally.

There are 3,800 religions and beliefs in this world, and they all were invented by human beings out of their imaginations and their fantasies. They have created their own “godliness” and they depend on it.

Even today we see different fortune-tellers and astrologers in the newspapers, on the radio, and on TV. These people certainly create their own creator, their own god, and it is true for every nation according to its characteristics and what is typical of it.

But according to the wisdom of Kabbalah, it is possible to imagine the upper force only according to the vessel, since it actually has no form or image. If the form of my vessel resembles the abstract upper force in any way, I feel that I have fulfilled the law of equivalence of form inside me and feel the attributes and the essence of the Creator.

Consequently, I create the Creator by myself since I build a vessel in which I can feel the attributes of the upper. It is possible to feel ZA inside Malchut according to their equivalence of form, according to their adhesion and adaptation.

This means that I create the Creator by myself but not in anyway I feel like, like in the external religions, where every nation has created its own image of god or has made a certain human being a god.

We create this image opposite our own nature, which means that it can never be simply created in our imagination or in our desire. What is more, we yearn for the equivalence of form and only when we adapt our attributes to some extent, will we be able to feel that we have created the Creator inside us. This is the reason that we are called man (Adam), stemming from the Hebrew word “Domeh” to resemble the Creator.

The Creator, Bore (Bo-Re) means come and see, but we have to come from inside our desires and our feelings. The Creator doesn’t exist outside my desire. I feel and discover Him to the extent that I understand and perceive and can imagine inside the desire that He has created.

I cannot speak about Him as such, but only about what I perceive and attribute to Him. This is a huge difference. I correct my vessel until it resonates with the upper force. Then I perceive something in my attributes that I believe to be the Creator. This image actually exists only with regard to me.

This is the reason that the Creator is called come and see: come and change yourself until you can see. But what do you see? Your corrected attributes that resemble Him.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/21/14, Writings of Rabash

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