We Ourselves Create The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanAn idol worshiper is one who works for the benefit of his egoism and turns it into an idol.

The nations of the world that create images and builds statues are not considered as idol worshippers because they are not aware that their original nature is the desire to receive. In other words, there are those who create corporeal images and there are other people who create imaginary images.

Ask any Jew why he closes his eyes when he says “Hear, O Israel, The Lord our God the Lord is one.” He doesn’t know. He doesn’t even understand that he does it because it is forbidden for a person to imagine any image!

The Creator is the attribute of bestowal and love and He exists only within our correct inner desire, and we can discover this attribute only according to our desire. Otherwise He doesn’t exist! He doesn’t exist in any place, not even as the Surrounding Light. Simply, we speak this way in order to express in some way the spiritual attribute in our corporeal language.

The Creator, (Bo-re) means “come and see,” and if you reach your vessel, you can discover Him. And He doesn’t exist outside the vessel. It is impossible to explain this to a simple person. He thinks that if he believes, this means that there is a Creator.

Actually, there is no basis for this. We ourselves create the Creator, which arises within us in from some kind of transcendental dimension according to our properties.
From the Talk about Group and Dissemination 10/23/13

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  1. Actually this is a very moving post. I am not quite sure why…but it is. I would just add that the “simple” person, If they believe in a creator, views the creator as a source of power and salvation, a respite from whatever storm. This belief is understandable, and helpful, for most of this world. Therefore this type of prayer is, in its essence, egoistical. It is usually, not always…., a prayer for personal assistance, instead of a prayer for correction of the whole., which if it could actually be actualized, would fix everything else. Somehow, howeve,r I am beginning to think that praying is not what this is all about.

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