Equality: This Is The Key To Success

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is to be done if a man refuses to participate together with women in dissemination or other events?

Answer: And the Americans are asking this? They should take an example from Israel. With us, women participate in external dissemination not just equally with men, but ahead of them. We give the right of way to women because wider circles relate to them with greater sympathy than to men; they are better and more quickly accepted, and the external public more readily agrees with them.

If the group disparages women, then it cannot disseminate widely. This is the most loyal part of the general world group. I rely on them more than upon the men. They are faithful, strong, have a greater power of endurance, and don’t keep grudges, whereas men are weaker, flighty, and this is our problem.

Our only benefit is we can search for ways to go forward, and we are creative. The women are not. They are masters of implementation. Therefore, we need to use this and complete each other.

Women who go out for integral dissemination always can prepare and advise you about what is better and what is worse. They feel the audience better and so forth, because the man fantasizes all the time, whereas the woman is more grounded.

It is foolish to emphasize my “self,” that my “self” is seemingly male. This doesn’t exist in spirituality. Can there be a spiritual Kli without the feminine part? On the contrary, everything that the man does accumulates and grows within her. She produces and develops, but we sow, irrigate, and do everything so that birth and growth will emerge from her.

A group that advances successfully is a group in which the men and the women have equal rights and understand how they can complete and develop one another mutually.
From the Talk about Group and Dissemination 10/23/13

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