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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Where is the Creator before a person discovers Him?

Answer: Nowhere. I always see that people don’t understand that the Creator doesn’t exist. We create Him by ourselves by ascending to a higher level. It is the next state in our evolution, and when we attain it, we make the Creator, as it is written in The Book of Zohar, “You make Me.”

However, we create Him by the attributes that He has prepared for us in advance in which there is a force that we haven’t discovered at all that is called Atzmuto. We discover the image of the Creator inside us by attaining Him in our inner attributes, in our inner senses.

After we determine our contact with the Creator, a person advances according to different principles. However, it doesn’t mean that he has any special guarantee. On the contrary, he encounters increasingly greater obligations with regard to himself and to others. However, at the same time, he also discovers increasingly greater support.

The main thing is to rise to the first level, and it is a problem. Then, there are totally different hardships that a person encounters, like an expert who becomes more and more involved in his profession. He already is devoted to it, immersed in it, and finds unique subtleties and problems in it. However, they don’t repel him since he is totally involved in it.

He already sees our world as a weak reflection of the upper world, which is presented to us in distorted emotions on purpose so that we will exit them and make our way to the real feelings and see everything that happens between us not as the true reality, but as a form of guidance.

Question: So, he probably feels sorry for all the other people who play with the toys of the corporeal world.

Answer: Why should he feel sorry? I have children and grandchildren, and I don’t feel sorry for them. They are parts of the general, enormous desire to receive who also will go through such states with time. At the moment, they are simply on another level.

By the way, a person becomes indifferent to his relatives to a certain extent. He has no desire to devote more attention to them than to anyone else. He becomes a citizen of the universe.

He understands the objectivity of what is going on and treats everyone equally. The moment he has spiritual urges, he immediately passes his knowledge to them. At the same time, he doesn’t commit himself, but does it with ease thanks to the altruistic attributes he has acquired. It is said that a father must teach his son a craft, which means to bring him to the level of Bina.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 11/27/13

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  1. It’s because people think dualisticly. They do not understand that both states can exist simultaneously. Like the particle and the wave. The Creator is just like this. He is both a particle and a wave.

  2. In one sentence you say that he creator does not exist, that we create him ourselves.
    In another sentence you say that we create Him by the attributes He has prepared for us in advance. If He does not exist how can He have prepared attributes for us in advance?

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