Europe At War

laitman_430In the News (Gazeta.Ru): “French President Francois Hollande, speaking to the nation after the tragedy in Brussels, said bluntly: “We are at war.”

“ Is it so?

“The war is fundamentally different from just the instability, social and military-political tension, even a conscious escalation of intimidation. The fact is that the enemy attack is imminent. The essence of war – is an exchange of blows. They can not be prevented, only reflect an attack in response. …

“Is Europe ready, united in the European Union? Obviously not. A typical response to large-scale acts of terrorism in any country in Western Europe – are assurances that the criminals will not be able to get the free world to give up its lifestyle and liberal values. The main alarm – is how not to sow discord within their own societies, to not overdo the restrictive measures. …

“Rejection of war as a means of politics – is the basis of European integration. …

“The main thing – is not to specify a particular social group, as stating it necessitates doing something: a recipe or general political or police operation. By and large there is no plan.

“…each new terrorist attack will be accompanied by the same set of measures, which are already accepted: the tightening of migration policies, increased coordination of special services (limited even within the EU), passport control at internal borders, greater responsibility for promoting Jihadism, more closely monitoring the flow of information, etc. The effect of these measures are obviously limited, as they do not call into question (and can not) operating principles – administrative, values, behaviors. …

“The European Union is on the threshold of inevitable change, there is no doubt. What will it be in 10 years, a guess useless. But for Europe as a symbol of peace, stability and predictability, most likely, will be remembered as a wonderful dream.”

My Comment: Be sure they will soon find a scapegoat, a whipping boy, in the shape of the Jews and Israel, as I have already written that it is only natural to blame all the disasters and everything that happens on the Jews.

Only the timely dissemination of the method of general unity will bring the world to peace. Only this method will invoke the upper force that unites us, the Surrounding Light.

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  1. Sorry actually, but I personally at least, will be truly absolutely amazed if anything like this actually happens. I would appear that the” bad guy” at this particular moment in history is islamic. Perhaps the sufists need to get to work.

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