What Is Our “I” Connected To?

laitman_624_04Question: In one of the programs of the TV show Ask the Kabbalist, you said that if we were to change the a person’s brain, then the “I” would remain the same. What is our “I” or “self” connected to?

If we change all the limbs, the brain and even the skin or the face, how will our soul know that it must work specifically with this body? Will a person even have the same soul that existed before the changes?

If so, I still insist that there must be some connection between the soul and the body, but it is not clear how.

Answer: You can insist, but I cannot explain to you exactly how the body and the soul are connected. We learn and study the body as desire, not as the beastly body. Even though the connection exists, it is up to you to feel this by yourself.

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