The Middle Class Is Rapidly Becoming More And More Right-Wing

laitman_926_02Question: All over the world, the middle class is rapidly and powerfully becoming more and more right-wing. The values of the middle class are the values of the good old days, which have long passed. They are not cosmopolitan, not open to the rest of the world, and their anger rapidly is moving toward hatred.

They see how billions of insufficiently budgeted funds are wasted in solving everyday problems, and how the unemployed are forced to “sit on the neck” of the nation. This is a trend that will not end well.

Answer: It will not end well; it means that it will end in fascism.

Fascism is control by the highest egoism, where only what is important is us as a nation in which everyone is united and equal from the highest to the lowest, even though, as a general rule, the highest is a dictator or his party. In this situation, the will of the people seemingly is carried out and becomes the motivating force.

Generally, this structure attracts people because it has no bureaucracy. There is no army of functionaries who “sit on the neck” of the people. There is no religion since fascism itself becomes a religion. It is a closed society within itself that works for its own sake. This is what everyone wants.

As a general rule, societies like these flare up egoistically, wanting to swallow everyone else.

They end badly because their structure is absolutely contrary to the goal of creation: to come to overall unity.

Question: What is impeding humanity from advancing directly toward the goal of creation?

Answer: It depends on the awareness of the people. Egoistic development only leads to fascism and national socialism, and consequently to the next world war.

The Kabbalists wrote about two options for the continued development of humanity: either an external war or an internal war within man and society where we are reborn internally under the influence of external forces.

No one can predict in advance how this will go.

Most importantly is that people who are involved with the correction of egoism draw what is called Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light) into our world. This is a force that opens humanity positively. So, if we can insert a sufficient amount of the influence of the Light into the world, the world will avoid war and will continue on in a good direction.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/29/16

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  1. What?wars are not included in the rigid management system that cant be controlled or changed by kabbalists so that they can be stopped? Or ohr makif is not related with kabbalists?

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