A Temporary Body And An Eternal Soul

laitman_744Question: Is the soul connected to the body or is it independent?

Answer: The soul is not connected to our egoistic body in any way, God forbid. If a person’s arms or legs are cut off, his soul still remains whole. The body can grow old and die, but the soul feels no changes during this process.

Question: Is the soul replaced when it develops?

Answer: The soul is never replaced; it constantly develops.

Question: Does a wicked person have a wicked soul?

Answer: Basically the soul cannot be wicked. The soul is the attribute of bestowal, which a person acquires.

Question: Can we say that the soul is the intention by which I use my desire?

Answer: No, the soul is a desire that already has the right intention.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/20/15

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  1. So what is the point of the egoistic body…other than a tool for the development of the soul? Either there is a reason or there is not…and that is that.

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