The Problem Of Fathers And Sons

laitman_622_01Comment: In the framework of studies that were conducted for two years by the Adler Institute on the subject of education, a poll was conducted in which it was clarified that around 48% of Israeli parents don’t talk to their children. In an additional poll that was conducted among 300 Israeli teenagers aged 13-18, around 40% of them confirmed that they are not in communication with their parents and are not familiar with their history and roots.

Answer: This is understandable because today we are rising above the level of corporeal development where everything was built upon a traditional household in which parents and children were strongly connected to each other. For the most part, the son was heir to his father’s profession, built a house next to his father’s house, and so on.

But for some time now we have not been in this situation. With the development of industry, everyone was drawn to the cities, and through the development of a variety of professions, the connection between “fathers and sons” was broken.

When the generation develops with such turbulence and rapidity, when the perspective on the world is changed entirely in a few years, then not only the children, but also the parents don’t recognize themselves compared to what they were five years before. While in the past children would leave the home of their parents at the age of 18-20, now, already at the age of 11-12, the child doesn’t want to feel that he owes something to someone, his parents are the ones who owe him something while he doesn’t owe them anything.

We have reached a situation in which it is up to us to begin to rise above the corporeal level, where people are connected with each other only from a physical aspect, according to the household in a traditional manner. As of today, what else can parents give to their children?! They can no longer convey their education to a child because it differs from what the present generation requires.

Not even the present education corresponds to the needs of a young person so that he can develop in his life. Everything is changing rapidly and children don’t feel the need to communicate with their parents. The parents also don’t feel any attraction to their children because they are no longer realizing themselves through them.

We are found in a very interesting situation. So that the need for a link between the generations will appear, which is generally what happens in the transition from one generation to another; there must be a common aspiration, a common flow of life, in which gradually the purpose of life now becomes clear.

The wisdom of Kabbalah gives that to us. The attainment of the purpose of life and the purpose of all of creation is the same purpose. Then the children will be able to be “nourished” by their parents. In this situation, the parents can give their children home schooling beginning from a tender age, instilling in them the right foundation for all of life. Both of them will be found within the same internal and external orientation, current, and movement.

They will have something to talk about with each other, something to convey to each other. In this way, the link between the generations will appear, no longer on the corporeal level as it was throughout the history of humanity, but on the spiritual level, on the level of the connection of the soul.

Then they will begin to discover the deep and spiritual connection between them; they will discover why specifically these are their parents and these are their children, why specifically contacts like these are happening between them, including physical contacts on the corporeal level, and then a transition to the level of souls will happen.

Question: What kind of goal will be determined?

Answer: The goal of humanity is to reach an inclusive mutual connection. The connection will also be directed toward familial connections that will become strengthened thanks to the spiritual connection. The physical connections will remain on the same level, and there will even be more independence.

This will be a completely new system of mutual connections, supported by the entire society. And so new mutual relationships between parents and children will prevail; the connection will be new.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/29/16

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