Final Islamization of Europe

laitman_428Comment: France is paying the price for a decade of a failed multicultural policy.

Aleksandra Rybińska asserts in a recent article that none of the models of immigrant integration are working: not the German model, the Gastarbeiter (immigrants as temporary, unskilled workers), not the French model of a secular enlightened country (the immigrant becomes a Frenchman and waives his own cultural identity), not the English version (the immigrant maintains his culture within the frameworks of the local community and the authorities believe that he at the same time identifies with British values).

The author concludes that France is approaching a revolution.

My Response: Not only are the French approaching a revolution. The explosion will be everywhere. The only question is: when? In spite of Europe wanting to maintain itself and maintain its roots, it won’t succeed. Its hope that the immigrants would work didn’t materialize. On the contrary, the Germans and French work on behalf of the migrants.

The immigrants don’t dissolve into the general mass of the local residents; actually it is the locals who gradually dissolve into the mass of the immigrants and convert to Islam.

Nothing is left of them. In the cultural practical sense of life, Europe has no power. It is decrepit and not ready for anything, except arranging beautiful costume parades, boasting its historical past. These are things that totally do not fit into the ensuing culture and Europe will be forced to yield.

Question: Won’t there be a revolution?

Answer: There is no need for that. Islam will conquer Europe and actively and undoubtedly enslave it. The religion of the Europeans will be Islam.

Question: In this case, what is required of Israel? Should it just watch passively from the side?

Answer: The Israelis cannot do anything except for one thing, to unite between themselves. Through unity, the Light will pass to the rest of the world and correct it.

Our attitude to what is happening should be completely passive. In no way should we interfere. The entire world is arranged as one unique unit that is connected in a totally mutual way. If we arrange for the contact of all humanity with the Upper Light, with the force of good, through us, then it will go through us to the whole world and will arrange everything needed.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/9/16

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