The Finiteness Of Science

Laitman_083Comment: Bio-physicists say that a person who knows science asks merely three questions: How was the universe created? How was life in the universe created? And how do living creatures learn to think?

Answer: These are of course, serious questions for scientists.

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains everything in a very simple manner. The major force in our world, the Upper Light, created a desire that is opposite from it as something from nothing. This desire is the creation created from what had not existed before. After all, the whole universe is filled only by one Upper Light.

Question: Is there no desire in the Light itself?

Answer: There is a desire in the Light, but it is a desire for love and bestowal, a desire to bestow, to give. And it created a desire to receive that developed under this influence. The Light created the desire to receive,  from the simplest to the most complex organisms.

They are all mutually connected and represent one unique system, one organism that multiplies and buds in different subsystems in four phases laid down in the Light.

The Light gradually develops the initial desire that was created until it reaches a state in which it begins to think, discern, feel, and even begins to build itself independently to resemble the Light. There is nothing new here for Kabbalists, but for scientist this is of course a problem they cannot solve.

Question: Does this mean that they cannot examine this logically?

Answer: No, no way. Science has already accepted the fact that it is finite because everything we receive, understand, and perceive is felt through the filter of our attributes, which are limited. We cannot stand in front of the filter and feel the pure Light because all our desires and thoughts are created by that filter. We cannot attain the Upper Light that created us because we only attain what we feel through the filter.

Kabbalah tells us how to create an anti-filter, which means that the wisdom of Kabbalah tells us how we should perceive, understand, and determine our connection with the Upper Light, which exists before the filter, when we are behind the filter of all our attributes and forces.

In order to do so, we have to turn our initial attribute to receive to an attribute to bestow, and then we will begin to reveal the Upper Light inside us, the upper energy, the thought of creation, and the upper mind, and then we will be able to perceive it.

This means that we have to build a model that is identical to the Upper Light inside us because it is impossible to leap over the filter. The wisdom of Kabbalah guides us in building the model of the whole universe, of the whole creation, inside us.

Question: Does the filter exist only in order to diminish the Light and to enable us to perceive it gradually?

Answer: Yes, these are five or ten Sefirot, which diminish the Upper Light, swallow it, and convey it to us.

We can build an identical system inside us that will influence the Upper Light through us outward, and this is what the wisdom of Kabbalah is based on. Therefore, everything is inside a person and everything can be attained.

When people remain in the framework of their natural nature, of course, they hit a wall. But eventually everyone will realize that we are finite, that our knowledge is finite, and that there no way out. Thus humanity will gradually understand that the wisdom of Kabbalah has the solution.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/9/16

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