How Can We Strengthen The Nuclear Family?

laitman_604_03Question: How does the wisdom of Kabbalah regard the issue of divorce that is passed on from generation to generation? In my family, for example, there are four generations of divorced single women.

Answer: This happens because we don’t know how to correct ourselves. My life hasn’t been very easy and was far from being smooth, but I set a very clear guideline: divorce is not an option! I have kids, a family, I have to take care of them and I have no right to leave them.

Relationships between couples may be different, this is how it goes. But a person’s obligation is to take care of his family because it is his and that’s it.

Question: Are bad mutual relations between parents better for a child than divorce?

Answer: I believe that it is better to live that way than in a broken family. A child who grows up without a father feels that he is not protected because there is no one beside him to hold his other hand. This sharp feeling of a deficiency of a father by his side is reflected throughout his life.

Comment: The rate of divorce is 50% now and it keeps growing.

Answer: The fact is that the world is more and more in need of correction. In order for that need to be felt, conditions are becoming more difficult so that people ultimately will decide that they have to do something.

Question: Can the wisdom of Kabbalah help sustain a person and the family?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah helps strengthen the family. Today we already know how to do it more or less. The method includes discussions in groups of ten people, family workshops, and workshops for couples in groups that incorporate mutual cooperation between a husband and a wife. We still don’t have enough power to help all the families yet, but we have to gradually teach this method to all of humanity.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/6/16

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