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Above The Desire Of The People

laitman_933Torah, Deuteronomy 12:19: Beware, lest you forsake the Levite all your days upon your land.

The Levites are the qualities that belong to the Temple.

The Levites do not have their plot, they are scattered throughout the land of Israel because their task is to serve the population. They are involved in education, service and development of the population, creation of the government structures, and so forth.

This is a bureaucracy, but it is based only on the similarity between the lower and upper degrees. The Levites do not make up laws, do not invent them out of nowhere, but study the qualities of the upper degrees and draw themselves, the people, and the country to this state. They must be above the desire of the people, more sublime.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book,” 6/30/16

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What The Subject Of Unification Is For Us

laitman_936Question: You always talk about unification, about the convergence of people, and about oneness. It follows that “And you shall love your friend as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18) is not a sentence dealing with morality as do religions; rather, it is a new type of perception of reality. For this it is necessary to come closer and not just love each other?

Answer: We don’t need to get closer and cooperate with each other mutually according to the principle: you for me and me for you, in order to be good. No. We must gradually disengage from our impressions of this world and understand what kind of system we can enter between us and how the collective consciousness, which we can attain in our world, is actually perfect and takes us to another level of perception and sensation.

In this way we reach the next level of nature in which no one exists and to which a person can only ascend, because it is specifically in opposition to his egoism that a person can ascend to the next level and begin to feel that he exists in an eternal and perfect dimension.
From a Lesson in the Russian language, 7/10/16

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You Live And Learn Your Entire Life

Laitman_083Question: Why doesn’t history teach society anything? Why are people unable to understand and accept clear and self-evident facts and draw conclusions from them about the present and the future?

Answer: Humanity learns gradually, but only from its mistakes. Suffering pushes humanity forward. According to what is described in the books of the wisdom of Kabbalah, it had to be this way until our time. Until the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, humanity developed according to “blows.” And from the end of the 19th century, the world began to change. The First World War was the beginning of the manifestation of global processes in the world. This trend gradually continued and was manisfested more distinctly after the Second World War. And today we already live in a global world with distinct integral connections.

In our era, when humanity has reached such an integral ego, we are fully entering mutual connections and people are beginning to come into contact with each other over oceans and continents. It is already possible to explain to people that they are not just integrally connected, but that the connections that we have built are bad. Poorly built global connections are fraught with danger.

Therefore, the wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed and it begins to explain that we must rise to our next level of development. This means that we must begin to comprehend the world through a common mutual connection between us, not each one of us personally through his or her senses. When this happens, we will feel the world in a completely different way, on another plane, in another dimension. We will see it as a  fully interconnected system, a system in which a single force acts, managing everything.

It is similar to a flock of birds. Their number can reach into the thousands, and yet they all obey a single desire, one intention and motion. Between them exists a collective connection, a collective intelligence, a collective feeling, a collective goal. None of them have personal goals. They all aim only toward instinctive cooperation, realizing a collective program and attaining a common goal. If we were to feel this common system of mutual connection between us, despite our egoism, then through it we would begin to feel what is called “the upper world”; we would reach the feeling of a common nature, a state of eternity and wholeness.

We must reach this state independently and not instinctively as happens with the birds, fish, bees, and the like that are found on the animate level. We must reach this despite and in opposition to our egoism by rising above it and connecting to each other. Then we will begin to feel the force that manages everything.

When the various ants, birds, or fish connect, the general collective force manages them. This is also a higher power, which manifests itself among the birds in such moments. They move without conversing, precisely within this general collective force. This is also what needs to happen to us through the right connection. This is what is called the revelation of the Creator among people.

If we were already in such a connection, we would be able to discuss the next level of our development, an existence that is not within the body, but outside the body, within our common collective intelligence and desire. Then we would traverse our present egoistic and personal perception of reality and become a single being of the one upper world.

We can do this in our world in our day, and we must attain this either against our will or consciously. Now the wisdom of Kabbalah is emerging, explaining to us that we must try to attain this state consciously, otherwise we will endure great turmoil.
From a Kabbalah lesson on 7/10/16

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Where Is The Upper World?

laitman_938_07Question: What is the difference between the wisdom of Kabbalah and Herzen’s theory of rational? He wrote, “It is good for me, when it is good for others.”

Answer: The difference is that in the wisdom of Kabbalah, I don’t think about what is good for me. I must go out of and transcend myself in order to begin to build elements of attainment, the states of the spiritual world, within me.

So, I cannot talk about it being good for me according to my beastly feelings. I must exist in them only as a beast. I must build a completely new sense of a reality beyond my beastly state, beyond my egoism, outside of me, outside of myself, inside of others.

When I am able to do this, rising above myself, integrating with others, and acting with faith above reason, I will begin to feel the upper world, which is actually found outside of me, specifically in my relationships with others if I build them through transcending myself.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/19/16

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What Lies Beyond Ultimate Joy?

laitman_572_03Question: How can two realities coexist and be combined, the one of the spiritual world and the one of our world?

Answer: A person can see the spiritual world through our world. Our world is different from the spiritual world since in the spiritual world a person discovers more and more connections, the reasons and the outcomes of this world. In addition, a person begins to see and to feel this system, the souls in it, additional vessels, desires, thoughts, and so on.

How does a little child relate to the world? He lives in it just like us, but he doesn’t pay attention to all the details that we notice because we are aware of them and understand what they mean and how they are related to us, while the heart of a little boy is attracted to a small toy and that’s all. This example illustrates our lack of spiritual development. When we develop, we will see a whole world around us. We don’t need to go anywhere. We need to see the mutual ties in it through this world, and then we will reveal the upper world.

Question: Suppose everyone reaches ultimate joy, the peak of their development, and suppose everyone connects with the Creator and brings him contentment, what then?

Answer: When a person reveals the upper world, he gradually enters a system in which there is no “what then.” There is no time, space, no axes, no motion, only an increasingly greater attainment of a certain level that is called “complete correction” (Gmar Tikkun), the end of the correction of the system, the attainment of the Creator, and we don’t know what’s next. Now we have to attain this level. Then we will reach the next state, which we will attain in spirituality. When we enter the spiritual world, we will ascend the 125 steps of the spiritual ladder until our complete correction, and when we fully correct ourselves, the concepts of time, motion, and space, good and evil, etc. will disappear; everything will be absolute goodness, absolute Light, and we will enter the next world. Now we know nothing about it, so we cannot describe it in any way. We can speak about the next world only after we fully correct ourselves.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/19/16

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New Life #585 – Secular, Religious, Ultra-Orthodox, And Arab

New Life #585 – Secular, Religious, Ultra-Orthodox And Arab
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


Question: Why is it only with us in Israel that the distance between factions is so troublesome?

Answer: It is because of our spiritual roots.

We are not a normal people. Abraham gathered different people around the idea of love for others. When we fell into unfounded hatred, we were destroyed. Today there is nothing that holds us together other than our enemies.

Israel is in fact divided today into four nations, secular, religious, ultra-Orthodox, and Arab. Each one has a different culture, different education, and different means of communication.

According to the program of creation, we need to provide the world with an example of connection into one people, above differences. If we can create connection between the factions, including the Arabs, the world will understand that we have a method for connection.

We do not enter into any politics or calculations; we immediately build a “second floor”; we educate toward a positive and correct connection. Certainly there will be endless arguments, but specifically by rising above them, the connection between us will be strengthened more and more. We don’t enter into any arguments, but only work on connection, building links. That is how we will create a new order in Israel.

Today the whole world is suffering from lack of good relationships. and everyone is expecting to see a good example from Israel. It seems unrealistic, but the doctrine of Abraham, the doctrine of Kabbalah, enters here. Abraham taught us how to bring a unique power into our lives that can transform hatred into love.

The ancient wisdom of Abraham teaches how to connect, step by step. The method of connection of Kabbalah is imperative and appropriate for all the factions in Israel and the whole world.
From KabTV’s “New Life #585 – Secular, Religious, Ultra-Orthodox And Arab,” 6/11/15

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