What The Subject Of Unification Is For Us

laitman_936Question: You always talk about unification, about the convergence of people, and about oneness. It follows that “And you shall love your friend as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18) is not a sentence dealing with morality as do religions; rather, it is a new type of perception of reality. For this it is necessary to come closer and not just love each other?

Answer: We don’t need to get closer and cooperate with each other mutually according to the principle: you for me and me for you, in order to be good. No. We must gradually disengage from our impressions of this world and understand what kind of system we can enter between us and how the collective consciousness, which we can attain in our world, is actually perfect and takes us to another level of perception and sensation.

In this way we reach the next level of nature in which no one exists and to which a person can only ascend, because it is specifically in opposition to his egoism that a person can ascend to the next level and begin to feel that he exists in an eternal and perfect dimension.
From a Lesson in the Russian language, 7/10/16

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