The Most Powerful Weapon In The World

laitman_566_02Question: I understand that it is necessary to unite, but I cannot bear people with other political views and opinions that annoy me. Those around me argue constantly and feud, even in my family. It makes sense that if we don’t connect, we won’t survive, but I cannot manage to connect with others.

Answer: That is correct; we lack a culture of connection. We haven’t been taught how to connect with others correctly.

However, when we send a child to kindergarten or to school, we say to him, “Don’t quarrel! Be a good child! Be friendly to other children! You will see how everything will be fine.”

So, why don’t we say this to ourselves? Let’s start saying this to each other, like a mother admonishes her children.

Question: Do adults also need education like this?

Answer: Of course! We should help each other, as it is written, “Each one shall aid his fellow, and to his brother he shall say, “Strengthen yourself” (Isaiah 41:6).

Let’s shed our false pride, sour faces, and playing “macho” with everyone acting as if others don’t matter to him. Let’s be more cordial!

Then, we will see how much the world immediately will feel this and begin to relate to us well. We have no choice. This is our weapon!
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 10/25/15

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