Nature Is Not Going Crazy

laitman_762_2Once in awhile it seems as if nature is going crazy, but the truth is that it isn’t nature that is going crazy, it is we who are going crazy. It is time to look in the mirror and realize where we have gone wrong and recalculate a route that includes a way to balance the system.

We live in the system of nature that includes the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human levels. Different forces operate in this system and they are all connected into one huge network. Any movement in the network affects everything.

The system of nature is a closed system, round and interconnected, and therefore aspires to constantly keep its balance. This balance was kept more or less until several decades ago, and people lived a quiet life on this planet that provided everything they needed. But we have lost all restraint since the middle of the 20th century.

Air, water, and land pollution have become part of our daily life; the earth is warming; our food is filling up with toxins, and new diseases have developed in the minds and bodies. The standards that were set to protect our health and international treaties to limit the emission of greenhouse gases have been broken over and over again. This is what happens when money makes the world go round and people prefer to turn a blind eye.

We have disrupted the balance in nature on every level and there is a price to pay. Climate changes and natural disasters have begun to hit us over and over again.

The Human Network

Alongside these processes, the connections between people and between countries have also developed. Industry, commerce, the economy, culture, and modes of communication have turned the world into a global village. A network of infinite ties has been woven and has created mutual interdependence between everyone.

In order to function properly in this situation, there is a need for positive mutual treatment, but this is something we have not developed. We could develop systems of mutual help and support between people all over the world and make sure that everyone feels good and thus keep the balance, but our egoistic nature didn’t allow us to understand that in time.

An increasingly growing gap has been created, a gap between the unbalanced network of the connections between people and the balanced network of the forces that operate in the system of nature.

We Can Correct Things

“Our planet is rich enough to provide for all of us.” (Rav Yehuda Ashlag, Baal HaSulam).

Although we have seemingly crossed the red line and the point of no return, we can still correct things. Our planet can be rehabilitated and become a pleasant, blooming, flourishing home for all of us. Our planet can also feed tens of billions of people if we only learn what it means to really live as human beings.

In order to do so, we have to agree on certain points. First of all, that we have to ensure that things are good for everyone, not just ourselves. Secondly, any consumption beyond what we really need to lead a healthy balanced life destroys us and our common home.

The most important thing is the relationships between people. We must learn to balance our relations. Mutual consideration and not doing to others what is hateful for us, trying to support one another and to connect nicely, until we even manage to love one another, and our good thoughts about one another will heal the world.

“The ascent and descent of every part of reality depend on the ascent and descent of the power of man’s mind.” (Rav Kook, “The Treasures of Rav Kook”)

Development Lab

Where should the positive wave that will wash the whole world start? Here in Israel, why? Because deep inside us the great rule of “love thy friend as thyself” is imprinted. Mutual guarantee is what has made us a nation. True, it will not be easy because we Israelis also have the biggest ego in the world, but there is no other choice. The world needs the quality of the original Israel, like oxygen.

The great spiritual leaders of our nation have developed the wisdom of Kabbalah, the wisdom of connection, in order to help us in the process of correcting the world. It is a scientific method that tells us how to receive the positive force from the depths of nature, the force that can balance the evil in man and help him connect positively with his environment. If we learn to relate well to each other, we will calm ourselves, humanity, and the whole world and total balance will be restored.

“When humanity will reach its goal… by reaching the complete level of love of others, when all the bodies of people in the world will unite into one body and one heart—all the hoped for happiness will be revealed to humanity to its fullest” (Rav Yehuda Ashlag, “Baal HaSulam”).

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