It Is Impossible To Hide From People

Dr. Michael LaitmanA time of confession and repentance is a time of discovering the characteristics that don’t allow me to connect with others. And so this happens before the beginning of correction, meaning before the beginning of the new Hebrew year. First of all, I need to clarify what is bothering me. It is reasonable that this is my ego and that I simply don’t want to connect and unite.

Question: I really don’t want to! A life in paradise is sitting alone on the beach where there are no people around me except for one or two who are close to me and whom I need. But you say it is paradise when we are united, won’t it be too crowded?

Answer: It won’t be too crowded for us. We will feel perfect harmony within this connection because nobody will bother us.

Comment: Every year I travel to the most remote place for a vacation where there is not a living soul. For me this is paradise.

Answer: This is opposite to the way of solving our problem of disunity, trying to escape the evil and hiding in a place where there are no people at all.

But you can remain among everyone and feel comfortable, as if you were alone, but feeling much better. Everything depends only on my relationships with the others and how much they pressure and force me to depend on them.

This refers to correcting our relationships with each other, when I will feel all people as parts of a single body. That is, they will no longer bother me; on the contrary, each one will be required because he will always be ready to help me with anything I want or need. This will be an ideal connection.

Anyway, we still cannot get along without people. We have no choice, we must be together. Today there are seven billion people on Earth and in another 50 to a 100 years there will be twice as many of us. So there is nowhere to hide from one another; we must understand that the general program of nature is to make us into one person with one heart. And then I will truly feel that nobody around me is superfluous in spite of there being millions of people around me. I will not feel like I am in a crowd, but on the contrary, I will feel how each one is necessary and completes my desire.

Regret and repentance are necessary to come to this in the month of Elul, which is the discovery of the desires in me that prevent connection. It is enough to discover and expose them, and in that same moment, they go through correction. If I consider them to be a sin, they are immediately corrected through the Light that Reforms. Nothing is required from us other than the discovery of our egoistic nature and the internal resistance to connection with others. And it is good that this evil is revealed, as the Light hates our egoistic society and is ready to correct it in a moment with our first request.

Question: Why is it bad to have the desire to be alone?

Answer: Because the goal of creation is to bring us to unity, and when you move away from that, you oppose the goal of creation and suffer from moving in the opposite direction. It would be possible to correct my connection with others and feel myself in a harmonious, ideal and wonderful state among millions of people, but instead of this, I escape for a week to be alone, at least for a little bit, and then I have to come back again. I could feel as if I am on vacation all year, as if there were nobody around me!

After all, it’s not like we have somewhere to escape to. We require the services of other people; we need doctors, chefs, grocers, and bankers. We are forced to work and serve others, earn money, and take care of a family. So we must establish relationships with other people.

Look at what is happening in the world because we aren’t doing this—the recent current events and the massive invasion of immigrants who are trying to break into Europe. Nature brings us extreme situations like these that require us to find a way for the right connection.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 8/30/15

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