Summoning The Higher Program

laitman_626Question: To attain unity in our world and among all of the peoples is impossible. I don’t even understand why you call for connection. After all, this is impossible.

Answer: You are right; unity is impossible in our world! But we call for it. After all, it is mandatory and must be according to the law of nature. The only question is how it can be realized.

For the people, the call is just for connection. But  for us, it is a spiritual event that is organized by us, and so some kind of force of unity appears in our circles, which brings the concealed Upper Light, and unity succeeds specifically because of this.

It follows that it is precisely between us and not with anyone else in the world, and all of those are right who claim that it is impossible to attain unity on the level of our world except through attraction of the Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light). This is what is realized!

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