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Why Do We Suffer?

laitman_627_2Question: If we exist within an ocean of Light, then why must our physical body tolerate this life? Is it all so we will be attracted to the upper world?

Answer: Of course, we see the examples in our lives, how we pressure children in their education. We don’t let them live quietly, having fun and enjoying easy games. We compel them to learn, we determine rigid frameworks for them, and so on.

Similarly, we must pressure our body so that, with its help and specifically thanks to its resistance, we achieve the development of the soul.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/9/16

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“You Shall Rejoice In All Your Endeavors”

laitman_938_02It is written in the Torah “And you shall rejoice in all your endeavors…” (Deuteronomy, 12:7).

Hands represent the egoistic desires of a person that want to possess the entire world.

However, when we act altruistically with our egoistic hands, meaning create altruistic intentions for our actions, then, in holiness, we will be able to absorb, perceive, and reveal the Creator in order to become closer to Him, to come into contact and adhesion with Him, and enter the quality of bestowal.

It is written, “Rejoice in all your endeavors,” since “rejoice” is the revelation of the Creator.

We discover Him in our corrected, properly assembled desires. So, the Creator comes from what we are able to assemble between us from our broken parts, each from his own.

In other words, the certain correct configuration of the connection between us gives us a corresponding image of bestowal and love, called the Creator, and another configuration gives us a different image of Him. Therefore, in The Book of Zohar and other sources, it is written that the Creator is revealed between us in different images. Yet, these images are not material ones.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/30/16

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How Ohr Makif Works

laitman_209Question: What exactly should I want during the lesson so that the Light will operate and influence me? Is it necessary to feel the Creator, to want to feel the desires of the friends, or to want something else? If a person hears a lesson, does the Light operate and influence him in any case, even without the right intention?

Answer: The Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light) operates and has an influence on everyone who listens to a lesson, even more for someone who wants to reveal the Creator, and even more for someone who wants to attain the characteristic of bestowal.

Question: Does the action of the Ohr Makif gradually bring a person to the recognition of evil, and does the recognition of evil bring a person to the right desire for correction, thanks to which the Creator changes the person so that he resembles Him, and then the person begins to feel Him? Is this the sequence of events?

Answer: Yes.

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Hear The Words Of The Kabbalists

laitman_214Baal HaSulam says in his article, “The Last Generation” Item 17: “If I lived on an island of savages who cannot be organized according to law but by religion, would I doubt it and leave them to destroy each other?

“From the altruistic perspective everyone is a savage and there is no way that they will accept any solutions unless it is by religion. Who will hesitate to leave them alone until they destroy each other by hydrogen bombs?”

We see that all of mankind behaves like savages, and no one understands the terrible, unavoidable situation the world is advancing to: toward an impending war, a systemic crisis, and climatic disasters. Despite the severity of the situation, people don’t understand that a unique system to exit the general crisis is offered to them here.

Baal HaSulam suggests that we act and not wait “until they destroy each other by hydrogen bombs.”

The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about two options: people will either listen to what Kabbalists say or a hydrogen war will break out as Baal HaSulam says, and only afterward, as a result of the terrible shocks humanity will undergo, will people be able to perceive the method of general connection into one system in which we should be as integral parts that make up one vessel, a system called Adam, or soul.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/10/16

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Why Doesn’t The Creator Hear Our Complaints?

laitman_239Question: Why doesn’t the Creator hear a person who cries and asks for His help?

Answer: The Creator doesn’t hear anything. The Creator is a system and it has no feelings toward us.

If we relate to the system properly, we receive what we need from it because our request is correct. But if we don’t relate to the system properly, we get a response that corrects our impact on the system.  We feel it as a negative response that operates in the opposite direction.

Therefore, there is no room for crying, begging, praying, etc. here since it is all empty and meaningless. A prayer is creating the right desire inside you into which the Upper Light, which is all around us, enters. It is only though our correct desire that we can discover it. At the same time, the Creator doesn’t change. He remains the same as He has always been, filling all of reality. Only when we have the right desire do we discover Him inside us.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/19/16

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Kicking Hungary Out Of The EU

laitman_426In the News (The Atlantic):The foreign minister of Luxembourg has said in an interview that Hungary’s treatment of refugees, and the state of its judiciary and media were violations of the European Union’s fundamental values, and suggested the country should be ‘excluded’ temporarily or forever to protect the bloc’s values. …

“’We cannot accept that the fundamental values of the European Union are being massively violated,’ Asselborn said.

“He cited fences erected by Hungary to keep out asylum-seekers fleeing civil war in Syria and unrest elsewhere, as well as reported violations of the freedom of press and the judiciary by the country’s right-wing government. He said because of those steps, Hungary should be ‘excluded temporarily or if need be for ever from the EU.’ It’s the only way, he said, to ‘ensure that the values of the EU are preserved.’ …

“But both Asselborn’s remarks and Hungary’s response represent the debate at the heart of the EU’s future identity. …

“More than 1 million asylum-seekers have entered Europe since 2015, in the largest migrant crisis facing the continent since World War II.”

My Comment: Countries like Poland and Hungary understand only too well that absorbing foreigners who are filled with radical religious ideals and a completely different worldview opposed to the “landlords” receiving them will eventually lead to the “suicide,” especially for the small countries. The western European countries, on the other hand, don’t understand because their countries are large, have populations of tens of millions of people, have strong economies and different internal policies. They are immersed in internal political conflicts and use the refugee problem for the good of their party. This isn’t pluralism, of course, and neither is it love of others; it is a struggle for power. Every party is trying to be relevant by using the refugees as a bargaining chip in an attempt to raise its ranking.

I don’t think that the solution to this problem is near because the Jews have not said the last word yet. They have to feel that only by their method of unity is it possible to absorb the immigrants well, so that they will properly integrate in society and contribute to society. There must be a middle line between those who are against the wave of immigration and those who support it, according to which the immigrants should be received in a way that will make them citizens of the state and not a fifth column.

Question: Are you referring to the Jews in Israel or to those who are in Europe?

Answer: I am referring to the Jews all over the world. This is a general problem since the immigration will spread to every country in the world, whether in a negative or positive manner. No one will be able to stop it, and it should only be put in order so people will understand that they arrive in a certain country in order to live in it under universal terms.

All the countries in the world should gradually take on a common form, no matter which country it is! It makes no difference which nationality it is! We have to make people understand that the spirit of cooperation is the one that will win and that historical differences will not divide us, but unite us and add a good spirit to the right communication between us.

If this happens things will be fine; if not, the huge migration of peoples will invoke mass discontent, wars, and protests. The refugees will not only settle in the suburbs of Paris or London, but will also become a strong organization all over Europe, which will lead the immigrants to a general rebellion.

We must understand the importance of the unity between us.

We are all aliens on this Earth. It wasn’t given to anyone. We all came out of ancient Babylon and settled all over the world. Therefore, the people of the world have to gather once again on the basis of the method of unity, which is actually neutral and allows us to attain love of others.

Thus, we will discover a new form of life, which is perfect, eternal, above religion, and does not destroy the uniqueness of any nation and enables us to live in absolute pluralism.

If people understand the need for unity before the mass destruction begins, they will benefit from it.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 9/14/16

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 11.09.16

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Lesson on the Topic: “Envy,” Part 2

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