How Ohr Makif Works

laitman_209Question: What exactly should I want during the lesson so that the Light will operate and influence me? Is it necessary to feel the Creator, to want to feel the desires of the friends, or to want something else? If a person hears a lesson, does the Light operate and influence him in any case, even without the right intention?

Answer: The Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light) operates and has an influence on everyone who listens to a lesson, even more for someone who wants to reveal the Creator, and even more for someone who wants to attain the characteristic of bestowal.

Question: Does the action of the Ohr Makif gradually bring a person to the recognition of evil, and does the recognition of evil bring a person to the right desire for correction, thanks to which the Creator changes the person so that he resembles Him, and then the person begins to feel Him? Is this the sequence of events?

Answer: Yes.

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