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Loving By Way Of The Creator

Laitman_631_2Question: What does “Loving by way of the Creator” mean?

Answer: Loving by way of the Creator means that the Upper Light (Surrounding Light) is illuminating my egoism, awakening the characteristic of bestowal in me, and I want to convey this from my egoism to others, to everyone.

In this case, the Upper Light travels through me and fills me according to how much I convey it to others.


If I don’t convey it to others, I don’t receive because then I become a “plug” in the path of the Light. The principle is very simple, by conveying to others, I myself receive. The problem in our world is that we don’t feel that this is possible.

If I study in a group according to the method of the wisdom of Kabbalah, then the Upper Light illuminates me in any state. This Upper Light begins to awaken particular feelings, particular connections, in me. I build a model of the Creator within me, and I begin to feel the whole world according to this model that I build within myself.

I cannot feel the entire universe and all the worlds in general, but I can build this within me. What follows from this is that I feel all of creation. All of this is done under the influence of the Upper Light (Surrounding Light).

We just need to carry out the advice of the Kabbalists. This is very simple: you must be with a group of friends and organize a small community of brothers with them, even if it is just a few people, it doesn’t have to be ten. And you must study according to the Kabbalistic sources. Under these conditions, the Surrounding Light will shine on you. You will not feel it, but you will feel how you are changed. You will begin to feel your connection with the Light, a connection with humanity, through this small group, and ultimately everything will turn out.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/28/16

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“Sandwich” With The Creator

laitman_243_05Torah, Deuteronomy 12:22: But as the deer and the gazelle are eaten, so may you eat them; the unclean and the clean alike may eat of them.

The changing states of clean and unclean are inherent in every person because we are always in the process of correction from the complete shattering that happened at the beginning of creation to the complete correction that will be at the end.

Therefore, all my states, both clean and unclean, I must bring to complete unity. Moreover, they work simultaneously. As it is written, “Love will cover all transgressions,” meaning the transgressions remain and love covers them.

“Unclean” is the one who undergoes the period of purification. We don’t in any way destroy the previous unclean states, but we form the clean ones above them and they together lead us to contact with the Creator, which is located between them as a filling between two slices of a sandwich. The filling is the feeling of the Creator, the contact with Him, and two slices of bread are clean and unclean states.

Question: Should the feeling of the unclean state come immediately after we reach the clean state?

Answer: Of course! In order to continue correction! We must maintain both states constantly changing, as in a wheel. Therefore, our advancement is called Ofanim (“Ofen” means wheel). This is how we advance: what is at the bottom rises to the top, and whatever is at the top falls to the bottom. Therefore, there is nothing that wouldn’t simultaneously rise and fall.

A person must understand that both good and bad states, night and day, are connected together. And one works in order to make them both directed to the connection. Then it turns out that “the unclean and the clean alike may eat of them.”
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 7/6/16

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New America + Trump, Part 2

laitman_547_05Question: How could the predictions about the outcome of the presidential elections in the US be so wrong?

Answer: The fact is that never before was there a situation when society underwent such radical changes. This is a real crisis because Obama and Clinton prepared an upheaval toward fundamentalism. They wanted to make the US their fiefdom and become dictators in it.

Obama had full power over everyone. Quietly and without a fuss, he wanted to turn the US into a Muslim country. And when this condirion had become almost irreversible, the coup occurred during the elections. It is not surprising that it wasn’t foreseen by any forecast bureau, because in their blindness, they see only what suits and is familiar to them. The world must advance toward the general correction. They were let down by ignorance of the internal program that humanity is going through.

Question: Obama supporters say the opposite, that he was heading toward pluralism and democracy, opening doors to immigrants. Why do you think that he was moving in the direction of radical Islam?

Answer: If we don’t move toward the common unity by conducting the necessary training and building the right foundation, then entry of foreigners should not be allowed. If I am not ready to live with you in the same apartment, we shouldn’t move in together, otherwise we’ll become the worst enemies.

Until that happens, we’re friends. And when you move into my apartment, after a while we begin to hate each other. So why would we move in together and turn from friends into enemies?

Therefore, preliminary training and education are necessary, and Europe is also lacking it. If we don’t do it and open up the country for mass immigration, we doom it for big problems, coups, and violence. It will be scary to go outside because the streets will be filled with people that hate each other by nature. And if they are not educated properly they will destroy each other. This isn’t the path of correction.

Question: It isn’t clear how Trump can be closer to the correction with his racist statements regarding Mexicans and threats to deport immigrants?

Answer: Imagine that you suddenly declare that you are going to live with me and demand half of my house. I, as a sensible person who understands your and my natures and knows that I can’t stand strangers in the house, ask you not to do it. Now we are friends and visit each other, observing a safe distance and keeping peace.

Peace is possible in two cases: either we keep at a distance from each other or we receive an education that allows us to get close and even connect, thus becoming friends that internally feel their dependence on each other and need for each other. I feel that I need you to live because by connecting with you I can reach the higher goal. So I should get closer to you.

This interest should be given to a person, but it wasn’t done in America. They allowed a few million Muslim immigrants to enter, who have already begun to cause problems across the country. And meanwhile ,the flow of immigrants continues and a real explosion is brewing.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/10/16

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The Origin Of Names

Laitman_707Question: According to the Torah, Adam HaRishon gave different names to the animals and the birds. What is the meaning of giving a name according to the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: This means that Adam established a connection between the upper root of every phenomenon and its outcome in our world, and gave names to all the objects according to their spiritual origin.

The book The Angel Raziel, which Adam wrote according to the alphabet he discovered, can be bought in any bookstore now. However, I doubt whether we will understand anything, because it is written from the precise perception of the upper management.

Twenty generations after Adam, another Kabbalist, Abraham, wrote the book Sefer Yetzira (Book of Creation), again, only by looking at the spiritual root, and his book also seems to be encoded, even though the language seems very clear. Then the descent of the generations began and the Kabbalists who followed Abraham, his students, began to write differently. They looked at the corporeal branches and not at the spiritual roots. Moses, for example, wrote the Torah according to the way it is depicted in our world.

All the generations are advancing toward a spiritual decent. On the one hand, we can say that Moses was on a lower spiritual level than Abraham, but on the other hand, he left us and did much more for us, because we can use his writings and through understanding their branches, we yearn for the roots. This means that Moses’ book is much more important for us than Adam’s book.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/17/16

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The Fukushima Disaster

laitman_222Question: Out of all nuclear disasters, the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant caused the greatest harm to humanity, because it is located on the sea at the exit to the Pacific Ocean and continues to release three hundred tons of radioactive materials into its water on a daily basis.

Fixing the leak is not possible for either robots or people due to the high temperature.

Will humanity continue to live with breaking nuclear plants and changing ecology?

Answer: We have built hundreds of nuclear power plants in the world that will gradually break down or be destroyed by bombing. It doesn’t even require atomic bombs, it is enough to drop one simple bomb on the nuclear reactor and that’s it.

Question: How long can we live with this?!

Answer: How much longer does humanity have to live? A person only needs to correct his nature and through this he will rise to a new dimension.

Everything is directed only to convince us that there is no solution for our lives in this world. For example, I know that I will die after some time. So what? I just submit to fate and nothing more. It is the same for humanity.

What is all this for? In order to plunge us into a state of fear and the inevitability of obeying the development program of nature that will force us to rise above our nature.

This will really make us discover the program of creation. A person won’t be allowed to die, even if he wants to, “Death is better than this life!” You ask for mercy for yourself, but the Creator is stiff-necked, He won’t let you die.

I am absolutely serious. Humanity itself will choose the path of correction or it will have to be led to this path with the help of suffering.

It means it is necessary to compel humanity to want, against its nature, to rise above the egoism and to work only with the intention to bestow. After all, with the slightest contact with egoism you feel terrible suffering and run away from it.

Egoism is called, “help against you.” It tells you: “Get out of me as soon as possible!” In other words, it will push a person out, like a pit out of a cherry. This is what we are advancing to.

Or it can be mitigated by self-awareness. Let’s acknowledge the program of nature, its inevitability, its purpose, its bright future, and try to realize it, but only by the implementation of Kabbalah.

This is a kind way. It is possible. Even if we don’t choose to use the wisdom of Kabbalah ourselves, we will still reach it, but after great suffering.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 10/5/16

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New Life 781 – Jewish Culture: Myths About Studying Torah

New Life 781 – Jewish Culture: Myths About Studying Torah
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

How does studying the Torah protect the people of Israel? Is the Torah meant only for Jews? Why is there a separation between men and women at the time of study?

A Yehudi (Jew) is someone who yearns for Yichud (union), for oneness. That is why it is said that studying the Torah is meant for Jews. It is also said that the Torah protects the people of Israel. This is referring to the people who want the ability to connect.

Main points:

  • In general, people don’t feel that they hate others, but when they try to get closer to others, this is what they discover.
  • In contrast, those who are in a group that studies the wisdom of Kabbalah are actively trying to be as if they are one, like a centipede with one mind and one heart. To the degree that we connect, we receive Light, meaning a special power that develops new intellectual and emotional capabilities. To realize this requires at least ten people who want to connect (men separately and women separately). The concept of a Minyan comes from here.
  • A person who observes a group of Kabbalists cannot understand what they are feeling. That is why the wisdom of Kabbalah is also called the hidden wisdom.
  • Maintaining the 613 Mitzvot (commandments) means correcting the 613 egoistic desires that are inherent in us. All the customs of Judaism actually signify the spiritual actions that we must carry out to correct the relationships between us. For instance, hand washing signifies cleansing our absorptive Kli from an intention of taking from others for ourselves.
  • The correct reading of sacred writings written by those with spiritual attainment can happen only through group study under the guidance of a teacher of Kabbalah.
  • The joint reading of books of Kabbalah by a group must be done with texts that were written by those who had spiritual attainment.
  • In our era, the secular public is closer to recognition of the true Torah, the wisdom of Kabbalah, as opposed to the religious community, which is satisfied with its form of life.
  • The wisdom of Kabbalah will add to the secular public an awareness of the goal of existence and a connection to eternity and wholeness.
    From KabTV’s “New Life 781 – Jewish Culture: Myths About Studying Torah,” 10/20/16
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