The Fukushima Disaster

laitman_222Question: Out of all nuclear disasters, the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant caused the greatest harm to humanity, because it is located on the sea at the exit to the Pacific Ocean and continues to release three hundred tons of radioactive materials into its water on a daily basis.

Fixing the leak is not possible for either robots or people due to the high temperature.

Will humanity continue to live with breaking nuclear plants and changing ecology?

Answer: We have built hundreds of nuclear power plants in the world that will gradually break down or be destroyed by bombing. It doesn’t even require atomic bombs, it is enough to drop one simple bomb on the nuclear reactor and that’s it.

Question: How long can we live with this?!

Answer: How much longer does humanity have to live? A person only needs to correct his nature and through this he will rise to a new dimension.

Everything is directed only to convince us that there is no solution for our lives in this world. For example, I know that I will die after some time. So what? I just submit to fate and nothing more. It is the same for humanity.

What is all this for? In order to plunge us into a state of fear and the inevitability of obeying the development program of nature that will force us to rise above our nature.

This will really make us discover the program of creation. A person won’t be allowed to die, even if he wants to, “Death is better than this life!” You ask for mercy for yourself, but the Creator is stiff-necked, He won’t let you die.

I am absolutely serious. Humanity itself will choose the path of correction or it will have to be led to this path with the help of suffering.

It means it is necessary to compel humanity to want, against its nature, to rise above the egoism and to work only with the intention to bestow. After all, with the slightest contact with egoism you feel terrible suffering and run away from it.

Egoism is called, “help against you.” It tells you: “Get out of me as soon as possible!” In other words, it will push a person out, like a pit out of a cherry. This is what we are advancing to.

Or it can be mitigated by self-awareness. Let’s acknowledge the program of nature, its inevitability, its purpose, its bright future, and try to realize it, but only by the implementation of Kabbalah.

This is a kind way. It is possible. Even if we don’t choose to use the wisdom of Kabbalah ourselves, we will still reach it, but after great suffering.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 10/5/16

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