The Effect Of The Wisdom Of Kabbalah On Taoism

The writing on a pillar in an ancient synagogue in the city of Phang Kei says: “the religion (of China) was founded and designed by Abraham and its laws did not have a visual image.”

“We have been taught Abraham’s religion since his time by sages from the West Indies. The Chinese people are very educated thanks to the great wisdom they received about Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism.”
W.Ch. White. Chinese Jews. 1966, Univ. of Toronto Press. P. 146, 138.

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  1. HAY I’AM FROM SERBIA , BELGRADE I’am study KABBALAH , and East Asia religion , this is the first time I’hear that EAST ASIA RELIGION , AND TEACHING ,are in contact whit western RELIGION and TEACHING. So I’wish to learn more about this . THANK YOU .

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