Why People Hate Israel

Laitman_043Torah, “Deuteronomy,” 02:25: Today I will begin to put the dread of you and the fear of you upon the nations that are under the entire heaven, who will hear reports of you and shake and be in trepidation because of you.

Egoism is afraid of the connection with the Creator, like a snake is afraid of a human, but out of fear it attacks him and by this causes its own death. It can hide but prefers to attack. And in this we can sense the help of the Creator because the fact that the nations of the world hate Israel shows their weakness and a recognition of their impotence. You can destroy and oppress the people of Israel, do whatever you want with them, but it is impossible to kill such a quality of nature as the connection with the Creator.

If the nations of the world would have succeeded in this, they would have immediately disappeared themselves. What would enliven them if the thin tube through which they receive a livening force would disappear?

The only connection between the nations of the world with the livening force called the Creator is the nation of Israel. That’s why it is called “Isra-El – straight to the Creator.”

The nations of the world can’t block their oxygen; it contradicts the program of creation and the structure of the enormous system. Therefore, they perform these spasmodic actions, they oppress, crush, and destroy Jews, then they release them, and again begin to oppress and destroy and then release them again. However, in this generation we need to stop this process.

It is known that after the Second World War all the nations recognized, approved, and encouraged the creation of the State of Israel. But after some time, everybody began to feel that at this stage Israel is a hindrance, it doesn’t bring he necessary good to the world that humanity needs so much, and the world is entering a crisis. Naturally they now look at Israel as the apparent source of this crisis.

All the nations don’t have any way to influence Israel other than demand from it, and in our world this demand is revealed as hatred and a desire to destroy Israel. And even among Jewish people, to the extent that a person is detached from his root, there is the same tendency as well, i.e., to destroy Israel.

We see it in American, European, and Russian Jews. To them, especially to American Jews, it seems that the fact that they don’t have any connection with Israel is their salvation. They don’t identify themselves with the idea that should manifest itself in the world. The natural reaction of self-defense arises in them, “I know nothing, I have nothing to do with it, and leave me alone.”

They don’t understand that nobody will escape it. It is written in the Torah, “I shall find you on the edge of the earth.” This is a universal law from which there is no escape and so we need to look at the world soberly and strive to fulfill our mission.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/3/16

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