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Question: Today, Singapore, Macao, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, countries where the majority of the population are Chinese, is a rapidly developing area. Is it related to special psychological attributes or philosophies of the Chinese people? After all, Confucianism is the basis of their philosophy, which includes loyalty to the nation, moderation, and keeping the law.

Answer: Yes, it is relevant and significant to some extent since Confucianism replaces the religions that are the basis of religious ritual in the other countries in Asia and Europe. Confucianism is the religion of the society. The state and the society become a person’s god, and the person becomes their servant. Confucius laid the foundation of a serious system that matches the nature of the nation that is expressed in unlimited loyalty to society and one’s readiness to give up everything he has for its sake.

The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Confucianism

Question: Can we see any connection between Confucianism and the wisdom of Kabbalah in any way, in that one of the important components of this psychology or philosophy is the ability to postpone consumption to the next day? Even today, there are rigid laws in Singapore that regulate consumption. If you make more than a certain sum of money, you cannot spend it on yourself, but must give it to some special fund that saves it for your education, health care, and future pension. This means that everything comes down to norms of wise consumption.

Answer: That’s true. You have brought up a very important point: the connection between the wisdom of Kabbalah and Confucianism. The wisdom of Kabbalah calls for love thy friend as thyself. If we dig more deeply into Confucianism, we will see that it also aspires to the unity of the people and to providing its basic, normal needs, while everything that exceeds a person’s normal needs must be directed to the benefit of society.

Question: It is actually thanks to such funds that the economy in Singapore is flourishing so rapidly. You invest your money for your future, and it is invested in developing the economy, which, in its turn, leads to raising the standard of living of every member in society.

Answer: Unfortunately, the attempts made in China, Singapore, and other countries will collapse eventually because they are disconnected from nature. Their current situation is temporary, and it will hold on until the egoism in society grows to such an extent that they will not be able to remain in the old frameworks and existing laws. This will lead to large-scale bribery and thefts that we haven’t seen even in Russia and in the US.

Question: However, there are still people among the leaders of these countries who understand the impending danger. The current Chinese president, for example, is fighting corruption like no one before him ever did.

Answer: They will not be able to do anything unless they renew the educational values of the nation. It isn’t about a new Chinese education, but Kabbalistic education. A person should feel that he can reach a new level of development through education and at the same time he earns his eternal state. If he doesn’t, he will rot like an animal. It is one of the two. People gladly will agree to limit themselves on the corporeal level for such a reward because it promises only positive outcomes, being the sensible form of consumption, and will be more considerate of others since they will feel that it is in the connection with others that they can acquire the agreement, the framework, in which they will feel the next dimension.

The Constitution of Israel: Love Thy Friend As Thyself

Question: I didn’t bring up these countries as a random example. It is because it is easier to illustrate certain benefits in a small geographical area. Can your idea be demonstrated in Israel first?

Answer: I would be glad to implement this idea among the Chinese and in other remote places, but it can only work in Israel with its egoistic, stubborn people. Because it is from this nation that such ideas will pass on to the entire world. I believe that it is only by working with our people that we will feel the urgent need for a change in paradigm, of the actual basis of our world view and our attitude to ourselves, to the state, to the nation, and to the world. At the moment, we don’t have all that; at the moment there is no nation and no state.

Question: There is still no constitution in Israel.

Answer: There is actually an old constitution. It is concealed in the basics of the wisdom of Kabbalah: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” I believe that we will be able to fulfill it in our lives when we approach all the sectors of the nation, to meet with them, talk to them, not through approaching the government.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 4/1/15

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