Learning To Manage The Creation

Laitman_117Question: I noticed that there are some expressions that sound like threats in the weekly section of the Torah BeHukotai.

Answer: These are not threats, but are detailed descriptions of our right and wrong actions and of the responses that may follow them. There is a clear and precise system in which everything depends on which button you push.

Suppose that there is an instrument with a thousand buttons, but we know nothing about its schematic, and we are told, “If you push this button, the result will be so and so, and if you push that button, the outcome will be different.” Are these threats?

It is getting acquainted with the system of creation, which tells us how we can use it correctly for our well-being and in order to carry out the plan of creation and attain adhesion with the Creator. On the other hand, we are told what we are forbidden so that our attributes, desires and actions will not be in contrast to the system. On the whole, we are given the freedom to act, but, at the same time, we also are warned.

Nonetheless, we can say, “What kind of freedom is this? If I knew how to jump from the tenth floor, for example, and would remain in one piece and healthy, then I would have the free will to jump or not to jump, but, because I know that I will crash, I don’t jump.”

Question: It may seem like a way of totally getting rid of a person’s self: You only need to listen and to obey; that’s it.

Answer: Our self is no more than a programmed animal that operates only in accordance with its small corporeal ego, and which, therefore, objects, “So, where am I,” while we are allowed to ascend to the Creator’s level in the spiritual work, as if we were told, “Your current situation is predetermined. Now, you must go through the levels of ascent and reach a new state. When you fulfill these laws and work on your animal by using them, you turn yourself into another creature. A creature that is formed by fulfilling these laws will be able to fully enter a totally different system and manage the creation from that position, instead of the Creator. You will know and understand everything and operate in absolute freedom.”

We actually have no choice. The plan has been activated. Therefore, the Torah doesn’t tell us about detailed threats, but about suggestions for accepting these laws. When you correct your attitude toward them by yourself, you will be able to reach the state in which you will want to discover and know the meaning of “in order to bestow” and what it means to love others, to exit yourself, to feel the world that is external to you, to act without any self-benefit. You don’t know how and where you will be taught, but you already want that.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 11/12/14

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