Never Interfere With The Laws Of Nature

laitman_764_3Question: How do we relate to the powerful, multi-leveled intimidations that are abundant in the Torah, like “If you won’t follow My laws… etc.”?

Answer: The Torah never intimidates anyone. It is a clearly written instruction and like any other it explains what and in what order things should be done.

I remember one time when professionals showed a technical specification to a scientist. He looked it through and said: “If you follow this instruction, you’ll get an accordion instead of a submarine.” Everybody was perplexed, looked at each other and silently stepped away from the scientist. Later, things turned out to be as the scientist predicted. In other words, knowing the laws means: “If we act in a certain way we’ll get certain results…”

Comment: Do you mean that similar to those “professionals” all humanity doesn’t hear “the scientist?” We are warned: “Do not turn rivers backwards. It will ruin the ecology!” Nevertheless, we still do what we want.

Answer: Yes, you are right. It was a communist project. The world was afraid that they would actually reverse the flow of rivers. There is nothing you can do with an uncontrollable country that was all of a sudden preoccupied with a crazy idea. Should they ever implement this plan, it would change the world ecology and turn the Earth into a lifeless planet. Water would disappear and life would vanish from the face of Earth.

Fortunately such grandiose projects are quickly forgotten. It’s incredible that they considered this plan in the first place. Humanity must choose a different path of advancement. There are other ways of getting a greater harvest.

When I was in Krasnoyarsk, someone asked me: “Is it possible with the help of Kabbalah to correct what happened after the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric station was built?” Locals told us that after the dam was built fish stopped spawning; everything around the construction died; things are not as they used to be. We should never interfere with the laws of nature.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/12/14

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