New America + Trump, Part 2

laitman_547_05Question: How could the predictions about the outcome of the presidential elections in the US be so wrong?

Answer: The fact is that never before was there a situation when society underwent such radical changes. This is a real crisis because Obama and Clinton prepared an upheaval toward fundamentalism. They wanted to make the US their fiefdom and become dictators in it.

Obama had full power over everyone. Quietly and without a fuss, he wanted to turn the US into a Muslim country. And when this condirion had become almost irreversible, the coup occurred during the elections. It is not surprising that it wasn’t foreseen by any forecast bureau, because in their blindness, they see only what suits and is familiar to them. The world must advance toward the general correction. They were let down by ignorance of the internal program that humanity is going through.

Question: Obama supporters say the opposite, that he was heading toward pluralism and democracy, opening doors to immigrants. Why do you think that he was moving in the direction of radical Islam?

Answer: If we don’t move toward the common unity by conducting the necessary training and building the right foundation, then entry of foreigners should not be allowed. If I am not ready to live with you in the same apartment, we shouldn’t move in together, otherwise we’ll become the worst enemies.

Until that happens, we’re friends. And when you move into my apartment, after a while we begin to hate each other. So why would we move in together and turn from friends into enemies?

Therefore, preliminary training and education are necessary, and Europe is also lacking it. If we don’t do it and open up the country for mass immigration, we doom it for big problems, coups, and violence. It will be scary to go outside because the streets will be filled with people that hate each other by nature. And if they are not educated properly they will destroy each other. This isn’t the path of correction.

Question: It isn’t clear how Trump can be closer to the correction with his racist statements regarding Mexicans and threats to deport immigrants?

Answer: Imagine that you suddenly declare that you are going to live with me and demand half of my house. I, as a sensible person who understands your and my natures and knows that I can’t stand strangers in the house, ask you not to do it. Now we are friends and visit each other, observing a safe distance and keeping peace.

Peace is possible in two cases: either we keep at a distance from each other or we receive an education that allows us to get close and even connect, thus becoming friends that internally feel their dependence on each other and need for each other. I feel that I need you to live because by connecting with you I can reach the higher goal. So I should get closer to you.

This interest should be given to a person, but it wasn’t done in America. They allowed a few million Muslim immigrants to enter, who have already begun to cause problems across the country. And meanwhile ,the flow of immigrants continues and a real explosion is brewing.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/10/16

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  1. You’re accusing Barack Obama of wanting to turn the US into a Muslim country? If it’s really the case how can you explain that he ordered to kill Osama Bin Laden , that he drinks alcohol , eats bacon , that he fought for equal pay for women , advocated for LGBT rights and gay marriage and that wanted to legalize marijuana ? His action would make him the worst Muslim ever .

  2. I’m having a hard time following your thoughts. I guess I haven’t reached spirituality yet as, living in the U.S., I see Mr Trump as the biggest egoistic thought emerging here. Are we to feed into his egoism and allow his hatred to prevail because it is good? This egoism he promotes is going to be good for the world? No need to correct because it is what the Creator know we need?

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