Trump’s Victory

Laitman_133Comment: The elections in the US are over and Trump has indeed won. During the race, you claimed that Trump was the better candidate. To be honest, I had many doubts about his victory and I don’t understand how it happened.

Answer: I felt that the Creator is still leading us along a smoother path in  Achishena (I shall hasten it) and not in Beito (in its time), not by blows but by support, just as you carry a stubborn child in the right direction against his will.

It is on the spiritual level, not the corporeal level where someone places his ballot or presses a button. Spiritual forces are much stronger than all the corporeal forces.

The outcome of the elections is a sign that Obama’s failing foreign policy and his support of radical Islam has come to end. Eventually it caused great damage to everyone, to the Arabs, to Europe, and to the whole world.

Obama engaged in turning different states and nations against each other, North Africa, the Middle East, Russia, etc. He left a torn world behind him and America’s status weakened in the world. Consequently, the world is now facing the threat of world war.

I don’t advise you to trust the big statistics and PR offices whose only goal is to make a profit. They deceive people and do what is beneficial for their clients. Trump who is surrounded by advisors counted on his instinct and turned to the heart of the American people repeatedly using his winning motive of making America great again.

Question: Do you believe that there will be a strong civil resistance to Trump?

Answer: I don’t think so, the upper force has helped Trump and brought his victory; the whole world has received a timeout, and especially we Kabbalists, and we have to use this time properly.

The nation of Israel has to reveal the method of unity to the world, the method of attaining the right connection between people, of attaining harmony between us and with nature.

This is our duty to the world. If we don’t do it, the world will eventually turn against us. We must understand our mission and fulfill it in order to balance the world and bring it to harmony.

Only then will the world acknowledge and understand the uniqueness of our mission, stop hating us, and even understand that the hatred they feel toward Israel stems from the fact that Israel haven’t fulfilled their mission. But now, when they begin to fulfill it, the world has to support Israel. I hope that we will succeed in our mission and save the world.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/9/16

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  1. Rav Shalom
    Awaiting your opinion is Stephen K. Bannon: an Anti-Semite? Your reaction to his appointment by the President-Elect Trump?
    American Jews certainly would like to know and understand your stance on this!
    Many Holocaust survivors around the world are concerned about this.. From all political and social sides!

  2. Dear Dr Laitman
    Been watching the morning lesson.. and the discussion turned to President -Elect Trump! Can you please go more into detail about the situation that is arising and how it can effect American Jews and Israel..Can you please write more on this and anything on Mt Bannon and other Ant-Semtic events and attacks against minorities here.
    Thank you!

  3. Extremely concerned in the U.S. over the appointment of Trump. Second generation KKK ties, Bannon selected for his cabinet – a known anti-Semite. Swastikas painted on walls, minorities being attacked. Minorities, Jews in general not feeling very safe right now over here. Domestic terrorism. Cannot trust what this man has promised. I feel like my world has turned upside down overnight. He has lied blatantly and consistently throughout his campaign. I do not feel Israel will be safe under him, nor anyone who is targeted on the white supremacy list. Some of my friends are researching about leaving the country.

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