America Before The Decisive Choice

laitman_426Question: The entire world is waiting for the results of the US presidential elections. The two candidates for the presidency are absolutely opposite to each other: one is a man, the other is a woman, one has been in the political arena for thirty years, the other is a businessman and is far from politics.

One is short-tempered and eccentric, the other diplomatic and even-tempered. Their plans for the development of all main areas are quite different: in the economy, health, and international relations. At that, both candidates have approximately equal chances of being elected.

This election is probably the most tempestuous of all that have ever happened in America. Half of the voters believe that Trump is a nuclear bomb for the world and a future dictator, and the other half think the same about Hillary Clinton.

That is, there was a sharp split over what to consider good and what evil. There are practically no people who would take an intermediate position and accept both candidates. What is the reason for such a sharp division?

Answer: I think that America has passed a threshold of its development after which there is a need for change. And the elite that Hillary Clinton represents blocks this process and don’t allow America to change. Therefore, there was a split between the voters belonging to the old elite and those who want change and a new America. The country has split exactly in half.

Over the past thirty years and particularly recently, we see how America sinks lower and lower, and makes one mistake after another in international politics. Its intervention into different parts of the world led to the collapsed governments, “Arab Spring” with the riots and coups, and all sorts of problems with China, Japan, Turkey, and Libya.

The US intentionally disregards Europe and ignites conflicts in the Middle East so that the waves of refugees would swamp Europe. All around the world people begin to look down on Americans. Although they still retain their influence, but only with the power of the fist. There is no longer former reverence, adoration, love, and desire to emulate America.

The American dream has burst and disintegrated long time ago. Thus, the approach that Hillary represents already went bankrupt.

Whereas Trump looks like a socialist and speaks directly, without any political diplomacy. He attacked Hillary so strongly that it led her out of the diplomatic framework. Trump brings a fresh spirit, more decisive, open, honest, and straight. He really has the qualities that America lacks today.

I am not going to praise him, but as a scientist and Kabbalist, I can say that the developments we are seeing now and will see in the near future are much more in favor of Trump. And Hillary is an old generation that doesn’t fit even our generation, let alone the future ones.     

Therefore, she doesn’t have any chance of succeeding. Even if she suddenly manages to win the elections, she will later fail completely. She will definitely continue the line of Obama. However, we know that this line led America to the confrontation with Russia and to a number of conflicts in the world. American citizens can’t allow this process to continue.

During the Obama administration, the world started to become less stable hour by hour. Many events ocurred during this time in various countries, many underground games and intrigues were started by America with different nations that were later abandoned to their fate.

It doesn’t seem like anyone benefited from the eight-year presidency of Obama, including African-Americans in the United States. Apart from the Islamic refugees, who received permission to enter the country in millions, there is no other segment of the population whose life became better during this time. There are no positive results anywhere: neither in schools, universities, or public institutions, for neither men or women. America hasn’t succeeded in any field during this time, and Hillary will only continue this decay. So I wouldn’t take such a risk as voting for her.
From a Talk on the Forthcoming US Elections, 11/1/2016

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