Israel Hating Jews Vote For Hillary

400In the News (Israeli National News): “Leaders of one of the groups of the Satmar anti-Zionist hasidic sect have told their followers to vote for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton next week. …

“According to those Satmar leaders, Republican candidate Donald Trump is pro-Israel and works to strengthen the Jewish state, and it is therefore forbidden to vote for him.”

My Comment: Where does so much self-loathing stem from in a small persecuted people? It is because the birth of the Jews as a people was based on the idea of love, equality, fraternity —above the egoistic nature.

This is the reason that in each and every generation there is always a small group of Kabbalists who are ready to cling to the spiritual ideal and the goal of the people to resemble the Creator by attaining love and bestowal for others. And a group that is opposite from them hates this idea, and as a result, the Creator. They also hate the State of Israel.

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