New America + Trump, Part 1

Dr. LaitmanQuestion: A new era begins for America with the new president. Half of America is shocked by the fact that Donald Trump has become the 45th US president. Newspapers headlines are screaming, “The unforeseen has happened!,” “It is impossible to believe!”

All the predictions were wrong; according to all sociological studies, Hillary Clinton should have won. Surprisingly the Republican Trump won in many states that previously supported Democrats. Even these groups of the population that Trump offended with his statements during the election campaign voted for him. The reality contravened all expectations and overturned all predictions. How is it that nobody foresaw such an outcome of the elections?

Answer: It isn’t surprising that no one saw the real picture. The world doesn’t understand what state it is in at all, where it is going, and who promotes it. I didn’t pay attention to all the predictions because all these researchers can’t penetrate the depth of nature and human society and understand what laws act there, how they affect us, and how we need to react correctly.

This entire system is totally concealed from people. No matter who it is—a housewife, an uneducated pauper, or a high-ranked elite—none of them understands the laws of the world. It doesn’t depend on professorial titles or wealth; after all, rich people also don’t see beyond their pocket.

I was very supportive of the candidacy of Trump because this was a real chance for a new America and a new world. I hope that it will happen this way. He has won in style of “Brexit-Plus” by promising to get out of this corrupt, deceitful game that the whole world is involved in. England made the first step in this process, but only regarding European politics, but Trump made a big step in regard to the entire world.

Let us hope that it will happen this way, because it will be a real social and economic revolution, upheaval in relation to illegal immigrants and people who live in the US. The US is a model of the entire world, because it has everything in it.

I think that Trump has an understanding, and there are many powerful and very conservative people behind him that were simply afraid and didn’t believe that such a step was possible. And now they will receive an opportunity to act.

Nobody expected such an outcome of the elections, because in America, apart from those millions that make a noise on the streets of the big cities, there is also provincial, “one-storey” America that is its main part. There live quietly millions of people that don’t go in the streets in demonstrations of protest. However, they understand that their country, their motherland, was taken away from them and is being sold at auction.

America is flooded with Muslim immigrants who have begun to change its face. They say that now there are ten millions of such immigrants in the US, perhaps even more. Obama replaced all the structures, placing radical Islamists in all key positions.

Of course, this is very far from the ideals that existed in America 40-50 years ago. It’s obvious that the United States was going in the wrong direction.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/10/16

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