“You Shall Rejoice In All Your Endeavors”

laitman_938_02It is written in the Torah “And you shall rejoice in all your endeavors…” (Deuteronomy, 12:7).

Hands represent the egoistic desires of a person that want to possess the entire world.

However, when we act altruistically with our egoistic hands, meaning create altruistic intentions for our actions, then, in holiness, we will be able to absorb, perceive, and reveal the Creator in order to become closer to Him, to come into contact and adhesion with Him, and enter the quality of bestowal.

It is written, “Rejoice in all your endeavors,” since “rejoice” is the revelation of the Creator.

We discover Him in our corrected, properly assembled desires. So, the Creator comes from what we are able to assemble between us from our broken parts, each from his own.

In other words, the certain correct configuration of the connection between us gives us a corresponding image of bestowal and love, called the Creator, and another configuration gives us a different image of Him. Therefore, in The Book of Zohar and other sources, it is written that the Creator is revealed between us in different images. Yet, these images are not material ones.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/30/16

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