How Can We Make The Creator Happy?

laitman_938_02Question: How can we make the Creator happy if the Creator is a system? It is like trying to make the law of gravity happy.

Answer: Everything depends on our attitude to the Creator because we bring our feelings into this system.

When we work on a computer, we sometimes get angry at it, curse it, and even want to break it.  Why? This happens because we transfer our emotions to those objects that deal with the forces we are interacting with. It is the same with the Creator. The Creator is absolute! The absolute cannot be changed. He is not influenced by our requests and cannot interact with us because He is absolute!

Question: So how can we make the Creator happy?

Answer: We make Him happy in our sensations. Therefore, the Creator is called Bore (come and see). I come and see and discover Him inside me.

Question: Does this mean that we only feel that we make Him happy?

Answer: Yes. The Creator is something that applies to me, in our corrected feelings. We can say that something exists externally to us and still we have to work for the Creator because this is how we feel wholeness. When we attain Him, we begin to understand what is concealed in these words, what it means to bring the Creator contentment and whether this is possible. This is what awaits us in the future.

Question: If the Creator is the connection of everyone to everyone, how can this connection be happy?

Answer: When we connect with each other, a connection that is above us is created between us even though it is woven from our feelings, thoughts, intentions, and relationships between us. Because it isn’t in each of us, it is created between us, in the distance between us, in the connection between two people. This connection is not in a certain person or in me, but between us. The emptiness that is revealed in the mutual relations between us is what displays the Creator’s image to us.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/19/16

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  1. I have involved myself in studying Kabbalah and really want to ascend spiritually. But it feels really scary upon knowing that the Creator is a system and has no feelings and we have no way of interacting with, let alone talk to. At times when we find ourselves in desperate situations, there is simply no one to turn to. Religions teach us to pray. But now how can you do that if you came to learn that your prayer will not be answered?

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