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Straight To The Creator

laitman_740_03Torah, Deuteronomy 10:10 – 11: And I remained on the mountain like the first days forty days and forty nights, and the Lord hearkened to me also at that time; the Lord did not wish to destroy you. And the Lord said to me, “Arise, go to lead the travels before the people, so that they may come and possess the land I promised their forefathers to give them.”

Forty days and forty nights is a spiritual state, the level of Bina.

From this moment on, the people go forward through the entirety of their egoism to conquer the top of the world with the new instructions, “You will be able to correct egoism, change yourself, and become worthy of the state that is called the land of Israel.”

The land (Eretz from the word “Ratzon”) is desire that is directed straight to the Creator (Isra-El).

The Creator seems to say, “You will reach a state of complete adhesion with Me if you fulfill all the commandments throughout the path that I point out to you.”
From KabTV program “Secrets of the eternal book” 5/16/16

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Extraterrestrial Civilizations On Planet Earth, Part 5

laitman_936Question: What will be the future form of humanity?

Answer: The future form of humanity is qualitatively new internally, rather than externally; it is a desire to bestow, opposite to today’s egoism. And according to this desire, we will have a new thought that will develop infinitely.

This is completely different scale of thought and mind development. It doesn’t mean becoming a little or even a lot smarter, but refers to a totally different dimension. It is impossible to imagine it now.

Question: You say that the transition from one level to another, from still to vegetative, and from vegetative to animate, requires a complete compression of all the previous steps in order to produce from this concentrate one cell of a new level. When all people will compress into one person in order to produce one cell of a new level, what new features will be discovered in it?

Answer: The force of bestowal will be revealed; a new force that doesn’t exist in our world. It is called the Creator or upper force. We will reveal it, use it, and as it once created a human from an ape, so now it will create eternal and perfect creatures from a person of this world.

Question: How will it affect the entire universe?

Answer: Once we move to a new dimension, we will cease to feel this universe. It exists only in our present egoistic perception, and therefore will disappear when we transition to a new perception of the world.

Question: If this universe disappears, where will we live? What would be our home?

Answer: We will exist in a spiritual vessel, in one common soul that already exists within us; we only need to develop it. This form of the new man will be unlimited, eternal, and perfect in comparison to the one familiar to us today.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/30/16

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Everything Comes From The Creator

laitman_275Question: How is it possible to work with a blow to the ego that comes from an external source and to correctly rise above the subsequent state of hatred? Can I correct negative emotions in work that devours me as a result of conflict?

Answer: First of all, you need to carefully read the materials about the uniqueness of the Creator and the management of creation very carefully. You must understand how to relate correctly to these situations, analyzing all the articles and discussing them with each other.

They are very important for forming the right attitude toward the world we live in and to help us understand through this world how to begin to feel the managing system of upper forces and behind them the singular supreme will, how it projects its management over our world and through whom everything moves. Everything comes only from the Creator; you can call it, Allah, Elokim, or the Creator, it makes no difference. It is the singular upper force that manages the world.

If you consider all of humanity, you will see that there are people in our world who manage and there are those who obey according to a hierarchy that is managed entirely by the Creator. We need to see how to cooperate with the environment to be directed toward the Creator through everything that is happening in the world.

Question: In principle I have to be grateful to the Creator for indicating the location of the “illness” to me?

Answer: In this way the Creator makes it possible for you to be constantly corrected. Ultimately you will reach being similar to Him, eternal and whole, and all of creation will be in front of you.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/1/16

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“Europe Gripped By The Fear Of Implosion”

Laitman_421_01In the News (Le Monde): “The number two of the Brussels Commission writes in his book Fraternity: ‘This is the first time in my conscious experience of European cooperation, I think the project could actually fail.’ In Italy, where he participated in early September at the Ambrosetti Forum of reflection on Europe, the Dutch Social Democratic Frans Timmermans has certainly qualified his remarks, but the evidence is there, implacable: the European Union (EU ) confronts so many simultaneous crises that it might not recover.

“‘Is Europe under threat? Yes, or worse … With the economic crisis that persists, that of refugees, terrorism, Brexit, this disaster has undermined the very idea of the project, the situation is unprecedented,’ said Enrico Letta, former Italian Prime Minister, now dean of the School of international Affairs from Sciences Po Paris and President of Jacques Delors-Institute. Questioned by Le Monde, he paints a darker conclusion yet: ‘My biggest fear is that we remain in the status quo, we expect the results of the elections to be held in Germany and France in particular, and that the end there are no longer Europe … ‘

“This specialist [Mario Monti, former European Commissioner for Competition] in European policy believes that the EU can still get out of the rut? ‘I always considered that it is through crises that Europe has progressed.But for the first time, I expressed [in 2015] doubts about the fact that we could still be beneficial. What has changed is that the mechanism is broken. Crises seem to generate more new political energies, able to make us move forward.’

“The preservation of social models may well be, in any case, one of the great issues of the forthcoming years. ..

“The ambition of Europe, however, must also be strategic, insists Enrico Letta. Facing the challenges of migration, terrorism, destabilization of its neighbors, it can not simply condemn or limit the damage. ‘It’s the fact that the EU did not want to solve the Syrian issue that put Britain out of the EU, he stressed. What determined the behavior of voters, this is not the question of immigration from Eastern Europe, but the daily images of the chaos in Greece, in Lampedusa or Calais.’”

My Comment: On one hand, egoism ceases to grow and push us to develop further, and on the other hand, it takes on a form of an integral system that is connected, unified, and closed. Consequently we cannot manage ourselves, the family, society, the country, and the world. This is the uniqueness of the current crisis. It can be corrected only by changing man himself. We have to change ourselves in order to resemble the network we are in.

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The Rising Number Of Depressed Teenagers

laitman_222In the News (WebMD): “In just one year, almost 3 million U.S. teens suffered a major bout of depression, a new government report shows.

“‘Adolescence is a critical time in a person’s development, and battling with depression can be devastating for teens unless they receive effective treatment,’ said Paolo del Vecchio, director of the Center for Mental Health Services at the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). …

“The overall rate of depression among young people jumped to 11 percent between 2013 and 2014, up from 9.9 percent the previous year, the SAMHSA report found. The report was published July 7.”

My Comment: The rate of depression will grow increasingly faster among youth according to the general growth of the ego. Adults have to provide youth with meaning in life, but they don’t have it either. The Bnei Baruch organization should start disseminating their ideas on the Internet, which is where the youth spend their time.

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New Life 773 – Rosh HaShanah Customs

New Life 773 – Rosh HaShanah Customs
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

The root of Rosh HaShanah (Head of the Year, New Year) is the spiritual birth of the first man who discovered the general force of nature. This is a hidden force that includes all the laws and forces of nature that can be discovered if we become equal to it. Rosh HaShanah is considered to be the day when Adam HaRishon (the first man) discovered the Creator, Bore, from the Hebrew words “Bo-Reh” “come and see.”

We were created with an egoistic desire to receive and we must recognize the evil in it, to keep ways from it and to turn to goodness. Rosh HaShanah is a phase on the way to correction in which we want to crown the good force on top of the evil in us. All our customs are a replica of the internal spiritual actions of correcting the evil in us.

Blowing the Shofar symbolizes sublime spiritual actions, which are very hard to explain in plain language. The greeting “a good and sweet year” symbolizes the need to sweeten the evil inclination, to peel the desire to receive from the egoistic intention, and to cover our raw desire to enjoy with a good intention of in order to bestow. This is the good inclination. The key to a sweet year is how we use the desire to enjoy and whether it is for my own sake or for the sake of others.

The saying “may we be the head and not the tail” means that we should not follow our egoistic thoughts but that the Creator should control us, that by the power of love, bestowal, and connection, He should reign over us and guide every action in our life.

“That our rights (Zchuyot) should be many as a pomegranate” stem from the root “Zachut,” which means “purity” and refers to the purification of our ego, to bleaching it, to performing as many actions for the sake of others, and on the way, also for the sake of the Creator. Good actions are actions that come after the correction of the evil inclination and before that everything is ego.

Rosh HaShanah is in fact the time for the recognition of evil, the desire to change our head and to crown the Creator instead of having the force of receiving, which we were created with, manage us, we want the force of bestowal to manage us.
From KabTV’s “New Life 773 – Rosh HaShanah Customs,” 9/27/16

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