“Europe Gripped By The Fear Of Implosion”

Laitman_421_01In the News (Le Monde): “The number two of the Brussels Commission writes in his book Fraternity: ‘This is the first time in my conscious experience of European cooperation, I think the project could actually fail.’ In Italy, where he participated in early September at the Ambrosetti Forum of reflection on Europe, the Dutch Social Democratic Frans Timmermans has certainly qualified his remarks, but the evidence is there, implacable: the European Union (EU ) confronts so many simultaneous crises that it might not recover.

“‘Is Europe under threat? Yes, or worse … With the economic crisis that persists, that of refugees, terrorism, Brexit, this disaster has undermined the very idea of the project, the situation is unprecedented,’ said Enrico Letta, former Italian Prime Minister, now dean of the School of international Affairs from Sciences Po Paris and President of Jacques Delors-Institute. Questioned by Le Monde, he paints a darker conclusion yet: ‘My biggest fear is that we remain in the status quo, we expect the results of the elections to be held in Germany and France in particular, and that the end there are no longer Europe … ‘

“This specialist [Mario Monti, former European Commissioner for Competition] in European policy believes that the EU can still get out of the rut? ‘I always considered that it is through crises that Europe has progressed.But for the first time, I expressed [in 2015] doubts about the fact that we could still be beneficial. What has changed is that the mechanism is broken. Crises seem to generate more new political energies, able to make us move forward.’

“The preservation of social models may well be, in any case, one of the great issues of the forthcoming years. ..

“The ambition of Europe, however, must also be strategic, insists Enrico Letta. Facing the challenges of migration, terrorism, destabilization of its neighbors, it can not simply condemn or limit the damage. ‘It’s the fact that the EU did not want to solve the Syrian issue that put Britain out of the EU, he stressed. What determined the behavior of voters, this is not the question of immigration from Eastern Europe, but the daily images of the chaos in Greece, in Lampedusa or Calais.’”

My Comment: On one hand, egoism ceases to grow and push us to develop further, and on the other hand, it takes on a form of an integral system that is connected, unified, and closed. Consequently we cannot manage ourselves, the family, society, the country, and the world. This is the uniqueness of the current crisis. It can be corrected only by changing man himself. We have to change ourselves in order to resemble the network we are in.

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