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Do Not Disappoint The Creator And Creation

laitman_934Question: It is said in the Torah that the Creator demands that we fear Him. What does it mean to fear something I don’t feel? After all, there is nothing in this, other than a game.

Answer: We are not talking about an animal fear. I am not able to intimidate myself, and that is a wrong attitude toward the Creator, to the upper force, because He is absolute, perfect, fills everything, and is infinitely good.

The fact is, that I have to artificially create a system of relationships between my friends and me that will be called the upper world or the Creator. As a result, the system must pass the test of truth and be such that it coincides with the existing system, which was created by the Creator from the descent from the top down, and we create this system by rising from the bottom up.To the extent they match, the two systems are combined, and the upper system is placed in the lower, and is felt as one single entity.

The upper system is called the Upper Light that is included in us this way. And the lower system is a system of our corrected relationships that must conform to the Upper Light. That is, we must create such relationships between us, like in the Light, and despite the fact that our system consists of the lowest, coarse desires, we must make it similar to the Upper Light of the Creator. Then it will fill the lower system and both worlds will merge. This state is considered corrected.

Comment: It turns out that you walk in the dark from the bottom upward….

Answer: But you have “tablets” for this—instruction manuals. And most importantly, you have your egoism that stops and confuses you all the time. Thanks to it, you constantly turn to the Creator and receive some help from Him.

After all, on the one side (on the left) egoism pushes you away from the goal, on the other side, you need help from the right. This way, thanks to these two forces, when one is allegedly “against,” and another is “for” (although they both are “for”), you move forward. We just need to learn to use them correctly.

Question: Does it mean that the smallest degree of deviation from the correct angle takes us in a completely different direction from the meeting with the Creator?

Answer: No, the fact is that after reaching the first degree where we get included into each other, the minimal degree of deviation is corrected all the time and the correction takes place with higher accuracy.

Question: What is the fear in the movement from the bottom upward?

Answer: This is a fear not to guess the desire of the Creator and to do something that will disappoint people and Him. This is the state that all of us should have.

Question: So how can we disappoint people?

Answer: The fact that in this case they would feel themselves imperfect and would have the feeling of mutual shame that literally “burns” them. Therefore, we must try to make the relationships between us similar to the attitude of the Creator toward us.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/16/16

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Is It Possible To Attain Happiness?

laitman_277Question: Do you believe that a person can be happy in this world?

Answer: It is impossible. You can close your eyes; you can even get drunk or take drugs; you can limit yourself in certain frameworks and not think about anything else, but if a person really discovers himself, if he develops all the time and really wants to understand, to feel, to know, and to attain everything, it is impossible to be happy in our world.

Question: Does this mean that this world was given to us in order to direct us to true happiness?

Answer: This world is given to us as the starting point of our development. We cannot develop any other way in this world. This is the reason that everything that we do in our world is absolutely useless. This means that true life begins from the spiritual ascent, while our world remains as a point. Everything we have done throughout history is only the starting point.

Question: What about all the scientific and cultural achievements?

Answer: All our scientific and cultural achievements are the achievements of our egoism. Nothing is left of all these great achievements and ideas. The whole human history is a history on the animate level.

When we begin to look at ourselves from the side, we realize that the root of all our actions is egoism. It is the cause of all our instincts; it drives us to write poems, novels, music, and other works of art. Therefore, there are no upper attributes, states, or achievements of any kind in any of this!

Our whole history, everything that we experience and all our values we have accumulated throughout our history are only one tiny black point compared to the rest of our development. But when we attain spirituality, we don’t feel sorry about all that because then we truly begin our interstellar journey.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/19/16

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How Can We Feel Another Person?

laitman_238_01Question: How can I want to feel another person? Inside, a person is full of pain, humiliation, fears; I am terrified by the thought that someone will feel me.

Answer: You are not told to feel the pain, humiliation, or fears of other people! Rather you should feel the point in the heart in a person, his yearning for the Creator! It is only through this that he is your friend. Everything else, his body or his ego, doesn’t affect you at all. You shouldn’t be ashamed of yourself and engage in self-flagellation. You are full of flaws just like everyone else in this world.

So we connect with each other with the points in the heart, through yearning for the Creator. Everything else is seemingly left below. We only elevate these points and connect them with each other.

In everything else we are egoists, like all the rest of the people on the planet because the Creator created us with an egoistic desire and we cannot be good. That is also what is written: “I created the evil inclination; I created the Torah as a spice for it, for the Light in it will return it to the good” (see Kiddushin 30b).

Before we begin to correct ourselves we are totally bad, completely negative, so much so that we cannot even imagine it—each one of us. So you can relax, for you truly are completely wicked. But now we need to be corrected by attracting the upper Light. We are not saying that we must correct the evil in ourselves; rather, the Upper Light gradually arrives, corrects, and balances the evil through its goodness.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/8/16

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Decision Point

laitman_236_02Torah, Deuteronomy 9:28 – 9:29: Lest [the people of] the land from which you brought us out will say, “Because of the Lord’s inability to bring them to the land about which He spoke to them, and because of His hatred toward them, He has brought them out to slay them in the desert.” But they are Your people and Your inheritance, which You brought out with Your great strength and with Your outstretched arm.

Question: What is this appeal to the Creator?

Answer: This is a state when a person has the ability to soften the Creator’s attitude toward him and thus to overcome some of the obstacles smoothly, but he doesn’t agree to this.

He wants to overcome them in their truest form so his own egoism won’t come back to him and start arguing that it is possible to cheat a little and it is not necessary to do everything meticulously to the highest level.

These things are found at every step. But a person knows what to do. After all, when he receives an opportunity to work this way he has no doubts. It’s just that for him there always appears a point of making the hardest decisions.
From the KabTV program “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/11/16

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Disgraceful Behavior At A Cyprus Hotel

Laitman_510_01In the News (Ynet): “According to the teenagers, who recently returned from their vacation, when they left the hotel and requested their passports back (which they had given over for a deposit) the receptionist demanded 50 Euros.

“After asking why they needed to pay and arguing for an hour and a half, things began to heat up.

“The hotel responded, saying ‘the young Israelis smoked and caused a small fire in the rooms. They urinated in the hallways and on the guests’ vehicles. When the staff reprimanded them, the Israelis cursed at the staff members. They broke the management’s doors, pushed women, and threatened to attack them if they didn’t get their deposit back.’

“The hotel spokesman continued, saying ‘(the Israelis) threw up all over the balconies causing other guests to leave and request refunds. They destroyed the wallpaper in the hallways and threw bottles from the balconies. They went swimming in the pool while drunk at 4:00am, despite management telling them that it was forbidden to do so.”

(HaAretz): “Director General of the Tourism Ministry Aharon Domb sent a letter of apology on Wednesday to Louisa Varaclas, director of the Cyprus Tourism Organization in Israel, following a news item published in the Yedioth Ahronot daily on Tuesday regarding the misbehavior of Israeli teenagers in an Aya Napa hotel.

“According to the news item, the youngsters destroyed the doors to their rooms, broke everything they could lay their hands on and broke into other hotel guests’ rooms. …

“Domb said that through travel agents, the ministry of tourism intends to distribute a letter from the ministry to Israeli tourists regarding the importance of proper behavior abroad. In addition, the ministry will contact the teenagers involved in the incident and will try to make them understand the severity of their actions. Domb asked Varaclas to pass his letter to the owner of the hotel in which the teenagers stayed, and expressed his hope that his apology would be accepted.”

My Comment: The lack of discipline and misconduct of the youth is not the fault of the youth but of those who engage in raising and educating them. It is the parents who should be punished or the educators of those teens. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the people’s (and the world’s) bad upbringing is the root of all our problems.

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“Non-Operating Youth”

laitman_426In the News ( “More and more young Europeans choose to live a life not burdened with work or education. …

“The last ten years has seriously changed the employment structure among the European youth. It would seem that the economic meltdown hit the inefficient staff, which, in turn, paves the way for the young and “unspoiled” to be fed at all times. However, psychological factors seem to have entered the game associated with the populist promises of a number of European governments.Social support almost provides a complete nursery for students who do not want to work, but are not in a hurry to continue their education, leading to the fact that their numbers have grown significantly in almost all the countries of Southern Europe.

“Of course, like all adult citizens, they have the appropriate rights to benefits . The problem is that the availability of such a way of life, according to some experts, has led to the fact that the new generation of Europeans, which should enter the labor market or continue their studies, increasingly, after finishing or leaving high school, choose a third way – ‘social assistance’ from which, perhaps, they will never peel away from.

“So in Italy among the population aged 20-24 years, the number who do not want to work or study in the last decade has increased by 10% to 31%, a record since the post-war devastation. The increase in the number of unemployed young people in Greece and Spain, are almost as much, reaching respectively 26 and 22%. The top five in thess not very joyful statistics are Cyprus, Ireland and Croatia. …

“Perhaps the only exception was Germany, where the number of persons in this category in the last ten years decreased by 6 % – 9%.”

My Comment: The problem is that every year there is a need for fewer workers. We need to move toward work on unification, a new social work. We have a training program. This is what our courses are.

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The Light Will Correct Everything

laitman_531_01Question: How can I seal the egoism within me?

Answer: There is no need at all to block anything. On the contrary, don’t even touch the ego at all. It will be corrected to the degree that we attract the Upper Light, attracting the good light that will balance the egoism so that we will correct ourselves.

We will have no relation to the egoism. It lives within us and we are its slaves, as we were with Pharaoh in Egypt. But we are working so that we will gradually attract the Upper Light onto ourselves, the fore that attracts and takes us out from the control of the ego, from our “Egypt” until we have gathered a sufficient degree of power in quantity and quality and we can begin to transcend it.

It is necessary to think only about the good and the connection between us and not about our bad characteristics. They were within us from the start and they should be kept there. The Light will pull them up and correct them.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/8/16

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New Life 769 – The Embryo, The Baby And The Soul

New Life 769 – The Embryo, The Baby And The Soul
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

The learning process begins with the education of the parents. Whatever a woman learns during pregnancy affects her embryo. The embryo is connected to the upper database, but the pressure of the external world closes him in.The baby absorbs much more than we understand through his internal senses. We all live in order to develop our soul, and if a child has a special soul he has existential questions.

A baby is born with undeveloped internal senses, which must be developed. The senses evoke questions and curiosity , so let the child develop in the direction he is drawn and don’t inhibit him.

Whatever a person learns throughout his lifetime basically brings him closer to the correction of his soul in a very special way The world serves as a huge wrapping for the fundamental question: “What am I living for?”

We have a brain and a heart not in order to serve our corporeal body, but so they will help us attain the internality of life. We have an innate desire to know where we came from ,where we are going, what happened before we are born, and what is after death.

The answers to all these questions are on the spiritual dimension, which we perceive when we develop the desire to bestow goodness. The force of bestowal is the force to exit our natural desire to receive everything for our own sake and works in the opposite direction of  spiritual life, in the direction of giving instead of receiving, of love instead of hate. The drop of spiritual semen, the tiny point that can be developed into a desire to love and to bestow is inside us.
From KabTV’s”New Life 769 – The Embryo, The Baby And The Soul,” 9/13/16

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