“Non-Operating Youth”

laitman_426In the News (rg-rb.de): “More and more young Europeans choose to live a life not burdened with work or education. …

“The last ten years has seriously changed the employment structure among the European youth. It would seem that the economic meltdown hit the inefficient staff, which, in turn, paves the way for the young and “unspoiled” to be fed at all times. However, psychological factors seem to have entered the game associated with the populist promises of a number of European governments.Social support almost provides a complete nursery for students who do not want to work, but are not in a hurry to continue their education, leading to the fact that their numbers have grown significantly in almost all the countries of Southern Europe.

“Of course, like all adult citizens, they have the appropriate rights to benefits . The problem is that the availability of such a way of life, according to some experts, has led to the fact that the new generation of Europeans, which should enter the labor market or continue their studies, increasingly, after finishing or leaving high school, choose a third way – ‘social assistance’ from which, perhaps, they will never peel away from.

“So in Italy among the population aged 20-24 years, the number who do not want to work or study in the last decade has increased by 10% to 31%, a record since the post-war devastation. The increase in the number of unemployed young people in Greece and Spain, are almost as much, reaching respectively 26 and 22%. The top five in thess not very joyful statistics are Cyprus, Ireland and Croatia. …

“Perhaps the only exception was Germany, where the number of persons in this category in the last ten years decreased by 6 % – 9%.”

My Comment: The problem is that every year there is a need for fewer workers. We need to move toward work on unification, a new social work. We have a training program. This is what our courses are.

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