The Future Is Perfect

laitman_427_02Torah, Deuteronomy 11:10 – 11:12: For the land to which you are coming to possess is not like the land of Egypt, out of which you came, where you sowed your seed and which you watered by foot, like a vegetable garden. But the land, to which you pass to possess, is a land of mountains and valleys and absorbs water from the rains of heaven, a land the Lord, your God, looks after; the eyes of Lord your God are always upon it, from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.

The land of Egypt is our egoistic life that all of humanity leads during thousands of years of history, working and winning the right for existence through their physical labor and intelligence, as if there is no Creator in our world. The exit to the next degree of development is completely different. It’s like showing a person from the Stone Age how we live today: driving around in cars, flying in planes, using plasma technology and robotics, and performing organ transplants.

If he saw all this, he would think that he was seeing something like a Cyclops, it would seem all absolutely incredible to him. Although, the people from the Stone Age were very advanced in some fields, we can’t even imagine how much and in what fields.

Once we began to develop materially, we lost the rudiment of spiritual development of the ancient peoples in the “antediluvian” times. Humanity lost this state and the feeling of nature, when a person felt instinctively that he is within nature depending upon it. All of nature spoke to him the same way it does to animals today.

Hence, we can’t imagine our future; it is completely different. When we begin to explore the upper nature, we will participate in it with the help of the balance between the positive force and negative force. By attracting the positive force of goodness, love, and connection to our world, we will balance the negative force, which today rips us into pieces and mutually distances us from each other.

The balance between these two forces will reveal a completely different level of existence to us that we call spiritual or upper, because on this level we will control all of creation, all of nature, and not only nature of our world. We will begin to feel the deepest layers of nature that are not layers of this world.

Our world seems to us as only one very small left system of providence. When the second system of providence is added, which is bestowing and connecting that connects with the left system and moves along the middle line, then we discover a completely new volume of the universe, eternal and perfect, and we begin to exist in it. This state is called the land of Israel. This is what we aspire to.

Then we will act only through one force. Even now we are gradually beginning to feel that this world can exist on a completely different energy, not on the coarse material energy with little efficiency such as wood, coal, oil, gas that we extract from the earth with difficulty.

We will begin to use completely different forces that we receive as if for free. Through inner efforts, everything will suddenly appear before us like in a fairy tale: I wished, looked and it happened.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/15/16

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One Percent That Made A Human From A Monkey, Part 4

laitman_754Animals live in the current moment and don’t feel past, present, and future. They have a very short memory, and they can’t know what happened to their ancestors a thousand years ago or what could happen in a thousand years. They don’t care about the distant future, and they do not sit on international committees discussing the future of the world.

A human, however, constantly worries about his future or regrets the past and almost never lives in the current moment. It turns out that we are worse off than animals. If we knew the answer to the questions: Why do we live, where did we come from, and where we are going?, we would have been higher than animals because we would see the whole perspective.

But we don’t know this and every moment we ask ourselves about the purpose of our existence, which makes us the most miserable creatures. Nature won’t allow us to concentrate on the current moment, but makes us explore the past and the future in order to discover our source and ultimate goal.

We don’t want to be tied to our body and live like animals. Human life is not limited to one physical existence; a person wants to see the entire world from end to end, to see the future and understand why he lives.

The law of cause and effect acts everywhere in nature; each phenomenon has its cause and effect. I also want to know what the cause of my life is and what is its effect? Why was I born? There must be an answer to this question established in nature, because everything in it is consistent and obeys higher logic.

If nature develops such a clever and unique creature as a human and gives him such questions, it means he is obliged to find the solution and discover what he is living for and why.

Question: Doesn’t a chimpanzee want to find out why it is living?

Answer: No, chimpanzees only care about how to live this moment better, how to establish a life for themselves and their descendants, but nothing more. Animals even care for their children only for a short time. Then the young grow and the connection between them and their parents ends.

Question: So it turns out that all the special abilities of a human have a completely different purpose that we are looking for, but haven’t found yet?

Answer: Of course! Nature designated a special mission to us that we haven’t discovered yet. We are probably not yet ready to use it correctly, and therefore, it remains concealed from us. However, questions we ask ourselves now and the disappointments we face push us to develop, causing us to clarify this question and answer it. This is the main task of the current period.

Question: Does this explain the chaos that rules everywhere now?

Answer: Crisis” means the birth of a new degree. This is the correct translation of the word.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 9/6/16

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Whom To Ask For Forgiveness And For What? Part 3

Laitman_043Question: Why is there a tradition of redemption before the new year (Rosh HaShana), and sages warn that the Creator records all our actions and presents us with an account? It sounds as if He prescribes us penalties for our misconducts?

Answer: This is very simple. We all are linked into one closed system that connects us to each other with billions of strands: all of the people, stones, plants, and animals. Everything is connected together; therefore the “penalty book” is this network itself.

Every time I make some movement, not an external one with the arms or legs, but an internal one, regarding the connection between us, becoming closer to people or farther from them, it is immediately realized and felt in our connection. It means that I am already recorded in the record book of nature for the benefit or harm I have caused. There is a general account of how much I affected the system, since it is integral and closed.

It is like the cells of one body, where each is linked to all others. So it turns out that all my actions and influence on the system are recorded in it and change it in some way.

Moreover, I am not in some single point of the system, but spread over all of it, among all the billions of people, animals, plants, and inanimate matter, and affect them all. I am in absolutely everyone and bring them either to unity or separation with my actions. It means that I am recorded in the book.

Our egoistic desire is growing every moment because evolution moves forward steadily, and we develop from generation to generation and during our entire life. Therefore, every day I must care about correcting all missed opportunities to connect all the people into one system.

If I neglect my duties, then I contribute to the general separation. Even my ignorance doesn’t relieve me from the punishment. Since I don’t contribute to the connection, I lead to the discord.

If when getting up in the morning I don’t act in order to unite the entire world, or at least the entirety of Israel into one family, it is called behavior that is detrimental to the system. After all, egoism is constantly growing and we don’t correct it, we don’t fix our connection.

If I did something bad or good to one person, it affects the entire system. And even if I simply did nothing good, it also counts as a wrecking, because in the meantime the egoism that separates us has grown. All this is recorded on my account into two columns: debit and credit.

Question: If I ask for forgiveness on the eve of the New Year, will all my debts be written off?

Answer: Nothing will be written off. The idea is that the person makes an internal calculation with himself and decides that from now on he must cause only the connection of the system. He truly repents for his past and makes a decision for the future. These aren’t empty words with nothing behind them, but are the result of a serious preparation.

He swears that from this day he will constantly check and correct each of his desires. Eventually we all should come to the state where the whole system is corrected. Nobody will make this correction instead of us. What I can correct or damage inside my soul, like in the cell of a body, nobody can correct apart from me.

Therefore, my redemption doesn’t cancel past sins, but gives me an opportunity to start as if from scratch and correct them. Due to the fact that from now on I start to do good deeds, I add my past wrongdoings to them and correct them.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 9/27/16

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New Models Of Economic Growth

laitman_547_06In the News (Oxford Martin School): “A new report from Citi and the Oxford Martin School explores the varying impact that automation of jobs will have on countries and cities around the world, in the near future and the coming decades. …

“Technology at Work v2.0: The Future Is Not What It Used to Be builds on 2013 research by Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne which found that 47 per cent of US jobs were at risk of automation over the next two decades, and on the first Technology at Work report, published in 2015. …

“Key areas of analysis in the report include:

…the authors consider the risks of job automation to developing countries, estimated to range from 55% in Uzbekistan to 85% in Ethiopia, with a substantial share of jobs being at high risk of automation in major emerging economies including China and India (77% and 69% respectively).

While manufacturing productivity has traditionally enabled developing countries to close the gap with richer countries, automation is likely to impact negatively on their ability to do this, and new growth models will be required.

The impact of automation may be more disruptive for developing countries, due to lower levels of consumer demand and limited social safety nets.

Digital industries have not created many new jobs. Since 2000, just 0.5% of the US workforce has shifted into new technology industries, most of which are directly associated with digital technologies.

The largest number of job openings in the coming decades is projected to be in the health sector, which is expected to add more than 4 million new jobs…

“Kathleen Boyle, Citi GPS Managing Editor, acknowledges that mindsets need to change, saying: “A key challenge of the 21st century will be recognizing that accelerating technological change is going to affect both employment and society.”

My Comment: It should be understood that the future occupation of all people, of all ages, will focus on organizing a unified social structure, a unified society. And manufacturing will be maintained only as needed for existence.

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